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Drinking problem????

Hi, my dad has to drink once in about two week or so. i don't think this is a drinking problem. but when he drinks, he starts cussing and blames for everything on my mom. he never beats her, but he always blames her. and whenever i confront him he would not admit that he was drunk nor he has drinking problem. It doesn't happen everyday, but once in a while. i think this happens because of all the tension. he takes stuff seriously alot. So what do you guys think i should do????

and then next day after he would be like sober, and proise that he wouldn't drink again. and then again after a weeks or so, it happens again. he also has habit of hiding drinks around the hoouse, and drinking like small samples at a time. Sometimes, i don't know what to do. I don't know what to do Pleasese help......

Please help....

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    If your dad hides drinks around the house, then it's because he knows what he's doing is wrong and he feels bad about it. You should have a serious heart-to-heart talk with him about how this makes you feel. Don't be afraid to be honest, even if you think it will make him feel bad. Sometimes when people see first-hand how much they are hurting the people they love, they want to seriously stop. Maybe if your dad sees how bad his drinking makes you feel...maybe he'll stop or at least want to stop and want to make an effort. There are different types of drunks...perverted drunks, loud drunks, abusive drunks...sounds like your dad is an angry drunk. Just talk to him when he's sober and tell him how you honestly feel. That's a good place to start. Good luck. *hugs*


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    Well, I've seen some cases like that. Maybe he still hasnt the drinking problem, but I think that if he keep on like that he could fall into that, and that would be very sad, and hard for your family. So maybe you still have time, talk to him, you and your mother, and make him see that he has a beautiful family that he has to assist and support and care about, or take him to a professional to help him.

    Good luck!

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    im sorry to tell you that hiding drinks is a what alcholics do. He probably drinks a lot more than you think. You guys need to find out whats really bothering him. DOnt confront him when he is drinking.

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