Epson C84 Not Printing with New Cartridges?

My Epson C84 printer was printing all colors and black just fine. Then the ink ran out and I replaced all 4 cartridges at once, black plus the 3 colors. Now none of them print. I have cleaned and printed test patterns until it says the ink is almost gone. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Sometimes when you replace a cartridge, you must use the printer's maintenance program to tell it the cartridges are new, and go through the steps. Otherwise, the printer will not recognize the new ones, and will not update the info. Be sure you have removed the tapes from the cartridges, and that they are properly seated. If you re-install them, the printer should recognize them and start the maintenance program and testing automatically. Good luck!

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    Epson C84

  • Nomadd
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    You forgot to peel the tape off the printheads

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