what hotels in vancouver?

are close to the major airport or the BC STADIUM. i would want walking distance if bc stadium or real closeif the airport. thanks

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    BC Stadium is far from the Airport. So you have two choices. STay at the airport or in Vancouver/

    Now if you stay at the airport, you have a fabulous hotel that is connected to the hotel - Vancouver Fairmont Airport Hotel -

    www.fairmont.com. Or if you are going to stay in Vancouver, everything is relatively close or a very short cab ride away. I have listed a few personal favourites. They are very different from one another but offer great accommodation and an experience you would never forget.

    Welcome and I hope you have a great stay.





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    Click on the first link for a map of Downtown Vancouver. The scale at the top shows you a 30 minute walking scale. You should be able to book that. And 30 minute walk will be about a $7 - 5 minute cab ride if you fall behind schedule. At the bottom of the map is a body of water called False Creek. Follow it to the right and just above it you can see BC Place written in red. Now click on the second link and you can see hotel locations in the area. False creek is at the top of this map, you can adjust it up. yahoo travel shows you about 20 hotels in the area.

    From there I'd compare at your favourite hotel site like expedia.com or hotels.com and work on a hotel based on knowing the location of the stadium.

    BC Place Stadium. Call it BC Place. You will sound more in the know. BC Stadium sounds like BC only has one stadium. It might be the truth but we don't want to be reminded of it. lol. Actually, it is right next door to GM Place - the hockey arena. Too bad the concert isn't there - better sound but a football stadium seats more.

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    sorry...but I don't think you want to be near BC Place. Maybe the Airport (do you know HOW FAR from everything the airport is? It's way out Boundry near the water...& you're not near good PT (public transportation---like the SkyTrain); there's always the bus and I've met some pretty interesting ppl on the bus, but it's slow..

    I was scanning the answer above mine,,,and False Creek is VERY VERY pricey...and mostly condos. Hotels are some of the highest priced in Van.

    BC Place (Stadium) is in a rather scruffy part of town, and oddly enough the Ferrari dealership is down that way. It's a great place for concerts (saw Pink Floyd there on their Division Bell tour) and a good venue for the Molson Indy races...(open wheel---Formula One races), but stay on Robson Street or Hornsby near Georgia...and have some fun, then take PT to the other 2 places.

    I like the 2400 on Kingsway (near SkyTrain too); or to be right downtown, the Blue Horizon (only 4 'rooms' (suites) per floor, so every room is a view-room. .Or to really get high-class, stay at the Pan-Pacific Hotel & it's right downtown near Gastown, and easy access to Georgia Street & Robson. Robson is THE IN place to be and to be SEEN in Vancouver now. I knew it BEFORE it became hip to be there...now it really swings!

    For English Bay, I like the quaint "Old England" hotels right across from the beach like the Alexis---tea every day at 16:00 (4pm)

    Come on...stay where it's happening!

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