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Are Cuvier Bichir compatitble with Blue Gouramis?

Are the Cuvier Bichir of the Polypterus senegalus compatible with the Blue Gouramis of the Trichogaster trichopterus.

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    The Cuvier Bichir is an opportunisitc feeder. It is nto aggressive at all and likes to hide and darkness. However, if a fish despite what it is can fit in its mouth it will. In other words if a fish isn'y big enough it may eventually be eatin. Its a chance I wouldn't suggest especially since a blue gouramis doesn't get that big.

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    In not farmilar with this particular species, but in general if the Bichir is small it should not be too much of a problem, but the bichir will grow much bigger then the blue G and the Blue G. will become food when they happens.

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