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Fantasy experts- Tough choices for week 10?

OK, my opponent has Peyton Manning, Willie Parker, Corey Dillon and Steve Smith so I've gotta do like Dr. Jones and choose wisely.


Vick vs Cleveland or Delhomme vs Tampa Bay?

(I'm tempted to play Jake, so Smith having a big night can't hurt me)

From the following, I need 3:

Tiki Barber vs Chicago, Deshaun Foster vs Tampa, Donte Stallworth vs Washington, Lawrence Maroney(Q) vs NY Jets, Cadillac Williams vs Carolina, Marion Barber vs Arizona, Doug Gabriel vs NY Jets, Chris Henry vs San Diego, Devery Henderson vs Pittsburgh.

Normally I start Tiki without a second thought, but these are da Bears, and with Toomer out I'm not sure if they'll just concentrate on stopping the run, so wondering what my best combo is?

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    First of all don't play Delomme to try to balance out Smith, if you stop and think about it that logic is flawed. I would say play Vick, because first of all he should score more than Delomme anyway, and if he does that has the same effect as balancing out Smith with Delomme. Delomme has been a huge disappointment this year and needs to have a big game before he's worthy of playing again. I would also play Stallworth, Tiki, and Maroney (assuming he plays). If Maroney doesn't play go with Henry, he should haul in a td in this one. (I say go with Tiki because the Bears run D has been hurting the last 2 weeks.)

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    nicely you're good --- not plenty to make a call from. Rudi coming off a hammie is tough to call through fact in basic terms he can inform you the way he feels happening it. i've got had a nasty hammie pull, and it keeps to be with you a protracted time....having reported that, Cincy on the expenditures is a might desire to WIN for them in the event that they desire to have any possibility on the playoffs. So, even even with the undeniable fact that he's coming off an harm, he's incredibly worth a initiate as they might use him in battering ram / short yardage circumstances....and one or 2 of those must be scoring opportunities. the different i might circulate with is LaMont Jordan. He has on no account been certainly one of my favorites, yet until A. green exhibits me he's waiting, he's the suitable of the relax 3 given those matchups. i assume that is achieveable that Warwick Dunn (who I had on my delusion group a pair of years in the past and become super) ought to sneak a seize out of the backfield or bust off a run for a score, yet unlikely....he's tremendously plenty relagated to a backup place. So, i might initiate Rudi and LaMont. good good fortune

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