My windshield wipers only work on high speed...?

I have a 99 Grand Marquis - any thoughts on if it's the switch or the motor and what do I have to take apart to find the motor?


Where would the switch be located on this car? I found the motor but not the switch.

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    Pull the connector loose from the motor, and test the voltage between the Dark blue wire with the orange stripe and the Yellow wire with the red stripe, with the key on and the wiper switch in the "low" position. The two wires you are going to check are the second and third wires from the right when looking at the rear of the connector with the latch facing upwards. If you have 12 volts here, you need a motor. I did a 99 yesterday for the same problem.

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    If it works at high speed, it is not your motor. There is no separate wires for medium and low speed like some are telling you. It is either the switch, which is only sending a full 12 volts on high setting, or the resister control package which is sometimes separate from the switch. Essentially the low and medium speed settings are just sending 6 and 8 rather than 12 to the motor. You can see if it's getting to the motor if you have a volt meter. If it's the compound switch on the lever on the steering wheel, it can be a bit complicated to change out.

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    So the wiper come off the windshield even as driving quickly not with the wipes on severe % good?? if that is the case attempt bending the wiper arm somewhat. grab the wiper contained in the spot the position it flow to a flat bar.gently push the end of the arm not the blade inwards the windshield. flow sluggish it may take some tries. If this fails to the finest option the issue you may want to favor new wiper hands. The spring lower than the arm looses rigidity and shall we the wipers drift on the air flowing over the hood.some people have had used a malicious program protect at the front of the hood to regulate the air bypass too. very last you may want to attempt the wiper with the air foils on them yet ought to of the time they finally end up purely being for instruct. solid success desire I helped GM tech for twenty years

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    Well, it could be either the motor, switch or control module. You would need to check voltages and grounds to/from motor and switch to verify part that isn't working correctly. if they don't sweep at all in low setting, including wash feature, I would lean toward a motor, but that is an expensive guess.

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  • 1 decade ago

    9 out of 10, its the motor

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    Long story short, there is the switch, them a control module, then the motor. Could be any of these, you will need a schematic and a meter or test light to find the problem.

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    its definitely the motor the slow and medium speeds are burned out to get to the motor it should be under the hood almost under the windshield its a little black box i wouldn't suggest taking it apart yourself unless you know what your doing, should only cost about 50to100 $ to fix if you find a shop that isn't trying to rip you off

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    i own a repair shop,in Tenseness,and its usually the motor on most cars that goes,sometimes the switch will burn out ,but id try a motor i think that will get it going again,you need a repair manual on this on ,because its hard to get off and a good repair manual will help you a lot on this car,its kind of a hard job to explain on here,,good luck i hope this help,s.

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  • 5 years ago

    2001 gmc sierra windshield wiper only works high settings

  • 1 decade ago

    chances are it is your motor. you can get one at any auto place like auto-zone

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