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Is the confederate flag really racist, or can it be simply a sign of southern pride?

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    I find it very interesting that what was actually a battle flag has now morphed into the Confederate flag.

    The Confederate flag--also known as "The Stars and Bars" from its pattern--wasn't used in battle because its design was so similar to--guess what?--the Stars and Stripes. So the battle flag, with its red background with a St. Andrew's cross (two of them, actually, a white one and a narrower blue on on top, bearing the eleven stars of the Confederacy) was adopted.

    As to its being racist, it's just like many other things. In one context it can be, in another it can denote pride, and in yet another can have no emotional meaning at all.

    By the way, racism was by no means confined to the seceeding states. It was quite prevalent in the North as well--consider that an orphanage for black children was burned during the Draft Riots in New York City, and that relatively few whites in the Union had had any real one-on-one contact with blacks.

    This is not to say that slavery was anything like it was depicted in Gone With the Wind or in the silent movie Birth of a Nation, because it wasn't--the mere fact that one human being could own another and sell him or her with as little compunction as they would have over selling a horse or a cow, no matter how well they might have been treated, is reprehensible. While there may have been instances of real affection between masters and slaves, I'd imagine that they were probably few and far between, since such feelings are those of equals. After all, how attached is the master likely to grow to a slave who can be sold for a good price, or become a liquidated asset during times of cash flow problems?

    To get back to the point of the matter, the Confederat battle flag itself is nothing more than a piece of cloth--like beauty, racism is in the eye of the beholder.

    What do I see when I look at it? A piece of history. Not necessarily a good reminder of a past time, but for good or ill, we are the sum total of ALL of our experiences, the ones we'd choose to forget if we could as well as the memories we cherish. In that respect, the same can be said of a nation--any nation.

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    The confederate flag used to be a sign of southern pride but then the KKK absconded with it and now it is associated with hate. It IS unfortunate but when I meet someone who claims they fly the flag because they are southern, I question their motives. Underneath it, I believe they are racist. I don't fly it for that very reason.

    Source(s): Lifelong southerner.
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    it can be sign of southern pride 2 u, but it will always inult many peoplev because that's not all that it stands for. u really have to understand that the confederates were racists and that the flag stands for that as well.

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    If the Confederate battle flag is a symbol of southern pride, should the black swastika on a white disk, centered on a blood red field, be considered a symbol of German pride? And isn't the pride we're talking about really race-pride? And isn't race-pride just racism?

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    The representation of objects like flags are interpreted subjectively by the beholder. Unfortunately, the history of the South became entangled with with notions of slavery, and, then, oppression of minorities. Yes, I know the issues of state rights, but, unless you want to undertake revisionist history and ignore the darker side of 'southern pride', racism will always be part of the mix.

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    The racisit component of the Confederate Battle flag is that many groups such as skinheads, the KKK, American Nazis adopted it as a banner. Alot like the Swastika makes Jewish folks upset and angry. Even though before the Nazis adopted it, the swastika was a common symbol for good luck and prosperity.

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    Personally, the flag itself represents many things.. among them racism.

    On the other hand, I think MOST of the people who choose to hang this flag out or whatever, don't do it with that intention. Therefore, I don't see a problem at all with the way some people choose to express themselves.

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    It can be simply a sign of southern pride. These days there always is someone to get offended about something. These people just need to suck it up.

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    Depends on who is flying the flag and who is looking at the flag.

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    i would like to see southern blacks fly the same flag also. that would even things out, you think ?

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