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Science fantasy book question?

My last question got removed for some reason, so I'll try again. I'm currently deployed and love to read. No library or books stores to brouse through. I've read all of the Tolkien, Terry Brooks, Raymond Feist, David Farland, Frank and Brian Herbert, Goodkind and Jordan I can get my hands on. I need some good suggestions for science fantasy books. If you replied to my question last time. Please do so again. My question was deleted before I copied any of the suggestions down.

Thank you in advance.

OEF-7 Afghanistan

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    Robert A Heinlein

    Spider Robinson

    Mack Reynolds

    Robert Lynn Asprin

    David Drake

    SM Sterling

    Bill Baldwin

    Micheal Resnick

    Micheal Stakepole

    Harry Turtledove

    Joe Haldeman

    Read the Sten series

    for fantasy






    want more, I know these books and authors like the back of my hand. I have more. Tell me what type of scifi or fantasy you read - for example like military scifi Drake's Hammer's Slammers or "the Forever War" by Haldeman. I'll recommend specific sets. Just let me know what you want. Just add additional details.

    addition: your other answers have good suggestions also. The Simon Green Nightside series would be an excellent light reading "escape". He also has a third older fantasy series that's pretty good. Piers Anthony is excellent. His scifi is his older stuff but well worth reading. His "Incarnations of Immortality" especially the first book "On a Pale Horse" is very good. Overlooked but great reading is his Bio of a Space Tyrant series (bad title but good books). Arthur C Clarke is one of the Grand Masters. You have a good lot of suggestions so far.

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    There's also Piers Anthony, he's written mostly fantasy, but plenty of science-fiction as well. There's Neil Gaiman, H.G. Wells wrote some classic science-fiction, as did Jules Verne, although Verne gets heavy-handed with the scientific explanations.

    There are also series of books that are based on television programs that are written by a variety of authors. Depending on what your likes and dislikes are, you have plenty to choose from.

    And btw, good luck over there.

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    Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel sequence. basically 2 trilogies of amazing commerce background - set in yet another Renaissance Europe the place each and every thing is the comparable. . . different than that Christianity did no longer seize on, and a diverse faith is the substantial one. So on the comparable time, each and every thing is diverse! easily epic. (word: additionally exhibit at cases). Jules Watson's The White Mare & The daybreak Stag - myth/commerce background duo approximately Scotland beginning in 79AD, while Britain grew to become into nevertheless Roman... and Rome needed Scotland. and because like the Dresden data, a pair different city myth authors you are able to take exhilaration in: Kelley Armstrong (start up with Bitten, a pair of lady werewolf), Patrica Briggs (start up with Moon stated as, which starts off the coyote-lady's tale), and Charlaine Harris (lighter, greater humourous, nonetheless greater geared in direction of women folk i think of - a pair of telepathic cocktail waitress who finally ends up deep interior the supernatural international.)

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    you've read all of those and you seriously have never read anything from Arthur C. Clark? Wow, ive read a lot of his books and own "The collected Stroies of Arthur c. Clarke" the guy is a genious. My absolute fav book would have to be childhood's end, but all of them are great!

    " If the term "sense of wonder" didnt exist, it would have to be invented to describe what Clarke's majestic narratives invoke." BOOKLIST (starred review)

    "One of the most astounding imaginations ever encountered in print." THE NEW YORK TIMES

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    Simon R. Green has two series going...The Nightside series and the Deathstalker

    Barbara Hambly does some great SF but when you look at hers make sure it is the sf since she also does other things.

    Donaldson is good and he also has series

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    i'll answer in the same way as i did to this previous question. go read the book about appollo moon landings( now that is what i call fantasy, since they never did land on the moon) lol thanks for the laugh HA HA

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