which is different between Goods and Services?

Assignment: which is different between Goods and Services?

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    Very simple really.

    Goods are tangible items that you would sell to your customer (eg. cars, marmalade, chocolate, fridges, furniture, etc)

    Services are intangible items you would sell (eg. labour, insurance, money loans, decorating, plumbing, etc).

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    These are the differences that I know.

    Intangibility – Services are no physical existed.

    Simultaneity – Services consumed simultaneous, we cannot inspected it quality before we buy it and also cannot be returned.

    Perish ability - Services cannot be stored.

    Heterogeneity – Each time the services quality provided may be no same.

  • 1 decade ago

    Goods are the products

    Services are the tasks they do for you

    I sell you a piano - Goods

    I tune your piano for you - Services

    you owe me $$$$

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