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有冇人可以話我知horn in F的演奏音域(pitch/playing range) 同埋書面音域(written range)?


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    其實Horn既range, written range如果係non-professional player(即係唔係用來搵飯食既)會大概由MiddleC以下一個C去到高音譜號第五間個G;如果係professional player既written range加埋pedal note可以由低音譜號第一線下面個F#去到高音譜號上加二線既C

    至於concert pitch/ playing pitch你可以寫返低一個perfect 5th


    non-professional player會大概由低音譜號第一線下面個F去到高音譜號第三間個C;如果係professional player既written range加埋pedal note可以由低音譜號下加二線個C#去到高音譜號第五線既F

    Source(s): The study of orchestration by Adler (大學學orchestration配器法既教科書)
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    horn in F記譜(written note)之音域為

    低音譜號下加四線以下之E 至 高音譜號 上加三線的E

    而horn in F之實際音域(concert pitch) 為

    低音譜號最低一條線以下的F 至 高音譜號第五線之F

    資料來源 : 樂器圖解 (大陸書店出版)

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    another ancient instrument, descended from the use of animals' horns (hence the name) in pre-historic times. The modern instrument is the most outwardly complex, consisting of a basic tube, rounded into a compact shape culminating in a conical bore or bell, into which a series of valves are centrally set. Before the valve system had been developed, the changing of basic pitch was facilitated by the insertion of a variety of crooks which altered the length of the basic tube, and the changing of certain notes by holding the hand in a variety of subtly differentiated positions wihtin the bell. In a popular context the term 'horn' invariably refers to the saxophone, and for the cor anglais see 'oboe' under the woodwind section above. Traditionally, the Horn section is seated away from the rest of the brass family.

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