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Used to 同 Be Used To 有甚麼分別?

及 Was Used To 同 Used To 有甚麼分別?


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    Used to ,Be Used ,To Was Used To 都係解習慣

    Used to =之前既習慣,而家冇左

    eg. I used to smoke.以前食煙,而家冇食

    used to+ 最簡單式(simple present)

    Be used to=之前既習慣,而家仲continuous

    eg. I am used to smoking.以前食煙,而家仲食緊

    be used to+ 動名詞(gerund) {verb+ing}

    Was Used To=在一個時間,之前既習慣,而家冇食

    eg. I was used to smoking in 1996-2000.以前在1996-2000年食煙

    was used to+ 動名詞(gerund) {verb+ing}

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    Used to

    I am used to my current schedule (已經習慣)

    Jammy used to be my teacher

    Be Used To

    I will be used to my current schedule soon (將會習慣)

    Jimmy will soon be used to my way of teaching

    Was Used To

    I was used to my previous schedule, but I will adapt to the new one soon. (以前習慣)

    June was used to driving stick-shift, but she will be driving an automatic.

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