I am currently looking for information on moving to the uk from Canada?

I am moving to live with my long term boyfriend from england. We have a two year old son together. What info will be asked? What can hurt my chances of getting a visa? Has anyone already done this that can give me answers.It is so hard to find info and the stuff i find makes little sense.

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    hi..im from uk..i moved to usa..im married to an american...its a big difference in lifestyle..but you should have no problem..as you have a son together..are you planning on getting married/that would give you a greater chance..why dont you look at the website for immigration to uk from canada...you should be able to find out all you need to know from there...download forms ect...good luck..hope you will be happy in uk...just type in immigratiUK Immigration and Visa Services

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    Unfortunately, it's very tough to get into Canada. You would need sponsorship and to have a job waiting for you. It may not be so easy to get a job as you think either; not everyone is Canada is wealthy by a long chalk, and although Canada weathered the recession better than most countries THIS time, they have often suffered through spells of high unemployment (up to 11%) Or you might be able to get a job...but it might be in some remote area where there is 6 months of winter and a 3 hour drive to the nearest large town.

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    am looking for information on relocating to the uk from usa

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    If you're a Canadian citizen you shouldn't have any problems

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