why Wont men Date girls with kids?

i had a few talks and all is well, untill i say i have kids................ why do they run from this even when they have kids...??

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    Well, dealing with kids means having a relationship with them as well. It is hard for men to be warm and fuzzy nowadays. Men who are too warm and fuzzy towards kids always makes people worry they have an sexual perversion motive. In addition many women get jealous of their daughters especially since they know he is not the father. But worse of all is having to deal with the x-husband who most of the time is an asshole. That is a relationship most men don't care to live day in and day out, year after year. Love IS POWERFUL but it DOES NOT CONQUER ALL.

    Try being honest up front. Don't take men so seriously. Let him warm up to you and the kids and get a book by a EDUCATED author (as opposed to a self authorized person) who can guide you on what to look for and how to introduce your kids to him and him to your kids. He is not only involved with you but your kids, x husband, and probably x in-laws too. That's a heavy load and will take a martyr of a man.

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    I never really thought about that. My boyfriend has no kids wants no kids but he is OK with mine. Try finding a guy with kids of his own. Is there a group in your area for single parents to meet? As a kid my mom joined PWP (Parents Without Partners). This a group for single parents who are trying to not only have a good time but to meet that special person. They have fun night for the parents and kids to get together, and they also have night for the adults to go out. Kids are left with sitters or PWP provides daycare and single parents get together have fun and meet other single people. My mom nabbed a guy from there and they dated for at least 10 yrs, give or take. I remember we always had a blast. Maybe there's something similar in your area.

    I met my boyfriend on www.americansingles.com I made sure I put in my profile I had 3 kids, gave thier ages and made sure they knew my kids and I came as a package like it or stay away. We've been toghether 3 1/2 yrs now.Good Luck

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    Younger guys that do not have kids usually want to start a family from scratch. It takes a special man to date or marry a woman with children. You may consider dating guys that are older. Older men are more likely to have kids of their own so they are used to being around children and the situations that occur with them.

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    I dated my ex-wife and she has a child from a previous marriage, I fell in love with her daughter and wanted to be a father figure, trouble is my ex was a basket case, I really miss her daughter. I felt like she was my own. I helped raise her for 6 years, she is 10 today.

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    That hasn't happen to me. I got the opposite reaction. Depending on how old you are most men like a woman who is domesticated especially if they are looking to get married. Keep on dating you will eventually find the right man.

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    new relationships are already hard enough without kids....perhaps you should look into a different 'crowd' to find men...not ALL men dislike children....but it is hard to find a man that will like and accept another males children....

    Good luck on finding what you are looking for!

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    They're definitely not mature enough to handle such responsibilities, it is a good thing they run away from you. Wait until you get into a right guy who accepts you and your children.


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    i think that some men are kinda shy about that cause some kids don't like it when there moms date and they might be afraid that the kids might not lie them i hope this helps you stat out in the field

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    Ummmmmmmmm I am a little confused here for one thing you had a question about your b/f ex won't leave you al alone now this one. Some guys just don't want to raise another mans child.

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    Maybe because he wants kids that are his own and not some other guy's.

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