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Why doesn't anyone know when..............................?

I am very sad today. Today marks the 2 year anniversary of my dads death. He died in his sleep. Was a hard working man , family man, wonderful father. terrific husband. He was a health man. The medical examiners said he died of a massive heart attack. We were not aware that he was even sick of any illness. One thing I am glad of is that we did not have to see him suffer. Thanks for your time. But, especial opening your heart to read this.

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    We will all leave this world one day...

    What are we going to leave behind?

    Your dad has done a great thing in his life, there are no many people like your dad...

    You are very proud of him, and you should be.

    I can understand your sadness, it's terrible to lose someone so close to you...

    You are right. Your memories of him will not be seeing him suffer.

    I know, it really hurts when you see people suffer...

    When I was kid, I always imagined it (very deeply) and feared losing my close ones. I still do. (One of the reasons I never got married). Right now, I got an aunt (my mother's sister) who is fighting cancer. She suffers a lot and has got only about 2 months to live. My mother doesn't know about the seriousness of her illness. My mom is not well, so I cannot tell her all the truth right now. She suffered a stroke one and a half year ago and the doc says that she will be worried on hearing the bad news.

    So because we know that we will all die one day, what is important is how we lived our life. Be happy, your dad lived a good life and he would like to see you happy. He is not dead. His body may not be here, but he is in you. You are what he made you.

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    You will make it. I watched my father die many years ago. It devastated me, and I cried off and on for weeks. I wondered if I would ever go a minute without thinking about him. Guess what? It happens. Life goes on. I used to hate that saying, but it is a fact.

    My mother died 11 years later. Her death was painful for me, but my reaction was completely opposite from when my father died. The "first one" is the worst, I suppose.

    It's been years, but I still think about my parents every day...just not ALL day. Some days I feel like an orphan. I feel like I've lost the storytellers of my past. Actually, in many ways I AM an orphan and I HAVE lost my storytellers.

    NOTHING is like losing your parent. I know your pain. Hang in there.

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    Sorry for your loss. I am a retired paramedic, and know that sometimes, the first sign of a heart attack is a fatal incident. Usually, there is no way to detect these problems. My paternal grandfather died this way, and his doctor said that even if his attack had happened at the hospital, he wouldn't have survived.Your father sounds like he was a wonderful man who loved his family very much. My best wishes to you.

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    that is extremely hard and painful to go through I am sure. I'm sorry that happened. The only advice I can think of is to remember him for all the good things and not the way he died, which it looks like you've already done that. Remember the fun times you had with him and know he would want you happy. Again I'm sorry and I hope this helps out some. good luck=)

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    My prayers go out to you. The death of a loved one - especially a parent, is not easy.

    Like you said, you didn't have to see him suffer. That would've only made it harder on you.

    Have you spoken with family members or close friends about your feelings? If not, try it will help with the healing.

    Don't be afraid to speak with a counselor or teacher, or even a religious leader.

    My mom died 18 years ago, and it still hurts. Not as bad at first, but I do miss her. BUt because I have peopl in my life I can talk to about it, the pain isn't as bad.

    If you want someone to talk to, contact me at: am available to listen.

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    Oh honey, I am so sorry! The anniversaries can be so hard. I know you didn't want him to go. We're never ready to let go of the ones we love the most, and I can tell you loved him very much. It sounds like he was a very blessed man because he had a daughter who loves him the way you do. I know he's thinking of you tonight and waiting to see you again some day. I'm thinking of you and praying for you tonight.

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    My heart goes out to you...I know that there's nothing anyone can say to make your sadness go away and I know that when a loss happens unexpectedly it is hard, What I can do is pray for you and I will. I pray that God will give you peace and strength to see you through and that you hold on to all the good memories you have of your Dad, and one day I believe, you will see him again in heaven. I lost my grandmother a few months ago and I believe I will see her again as well...

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    I'm really sorry that happened, sounds like a good man. When my grandfather died I felt the same way so your not alone. It's hard to express my answer in words but I hope that you regain your happiness. Best wishes

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    I'm so sorry for your loss. My father died in like manner many years ago. The pain will ebb and flow, but you're not alone. Look inside your heart & there you will still find your father along with hope. ♥♥♥

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    My dad died 22 years ago and I still think of him. It is not a painful thing now and the memories are happy ones. It will get easier. You will never forget but the pain will ease.

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