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Torrnet Comics?

I torrneted some comics.Can someone help me.what file should i used to read them

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    Depends on the extension. Some comics are torrented in PDF format, and you just need a PDF reader for that.

    Most the time though, comics come in CBR format. It's merely another type of compression format. They are simply a collection of images (usually JPEGS). If the file extension is .CBR, then you can either decompress the file with WinRAR or similair, or download a dedicated CBR Viewer.

    The one I use is CDisplay Comic Reader (link at the bottom of the reply). There are many others though, simply google for CBR reader and you should find loads including Linux and Mac versions.

    CDisplay Comic Reader:

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    I have used CDisplay. It displays the pages sequentially and has other features like flipping the page or displaying two pages at a time. It's pretty easy to find. Just search it on Yahoo! or on a site like or .

    You can always open the .cbr files with WinRAR to access each page as a separate image however, although it's not recommended...

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    you are a descrase to the comic world support the company that your pirating there comics and by the way digital comics suck compared to a real comic.

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