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Is there some really rich guy named Simon who owns all the malls in America?



I always hear the name Simon when malls are involved.

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    Simon Property Group, Inc. (NYSE: SPG), also known as SIMON, an S&P 500 company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, is the largest developer of shopping malls in the United States. Simon Property Group, Inc. operates as a real estate investment trust (REIT) engaged in the ownership, development and management of high-quality retail real estate, primarily regional malls, Premium Outlet centers and community/lifestyle centers. Through its subsidiary partnership, it owns or has an interest in approximately 285 properties in the United States comprising more than 200 million square feet of gross leasable area in 39 states, plus Puerto Rico. Simon Property Group also holds interests in 52 European shopping centers in France, Italy and Poland; five Premium Outlet centers in Japan; and one Premium Outlet center in Mexico. It currently has ownership interests in some of the most high-profile shopping malls in the world.

    Simon Property Group is the result of a 1996 merger between the original Simon Property Group (once known as Melvin Simon and Associates) and publicly-traded rival DeBartolo Realty Corp. It was originally known as the Simon DeBartolo Group [1]. Simon DeBartolo rapidly acquired assets, notably The Retail Property Trust and a group of properties held by IBM's pension plan in 1997, Corporate Property Investors in 1998, a portfolio from New England Development in 1999 and several prime properties from Rodamco North America in 2002. In July 1998, the company announced it was reverting to its original name, Simon Property Group, as the DeBartolo family was resuming its private real-estate development operation.

    Simon Property Group is the largest publicly traded retail real estate company in North America with a total market capitalization of approximately $42 billion.

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    Ollie adding Simon Barsinister ( from Underdog cartoon) on the list. Simon and Schuster Simon and Garfunkle

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    There may indeed be a rich guy named Simon that owns some

    malls in America but he certainly does not own even most of them.

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    I don't know but in VA , Chesapeake Square Mall is owned by a Simon.

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    Not that I know of...

    Maybe he owns the mall of america.

    and no, it would not be communism. it would be communism id everybody owned an equal part of the malls in america. that would be more like totalitarianism, most likely, because he would control everything, which would include malls.

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    no all malls named are not simon

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    yes,Simon Malloneyer

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    I know in the part of Va I live most of them are owned by him or at least that company

  • Probaly not, because that guy would have to be a trillionaire or something.

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    no. that would be communism

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