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Please rate my computer!?

I have:

Windows XP Professional with SP 2

1. Security:AVG Free anti-virus 7.1.409

Windows Defender

AVG anti-spyware 7.5

SpyBot Search and Destroy

AdAware SE Personal

ZoneAlarm Firewall (active)

2.Optimisers: CCleaner 1.3.407

Disk Cleaner


3.Entertainment: Windows Media Player 10

Winamp 5.37

4.Browser: Firefox 2.0 (i use it always)

IE 7.0

Opera 9.0.2

Burn4Free(CD Burner)

Completely game-free.

Some other software like TC, JDK1.3 etc.

Will I get 6/10? I give priority to security.

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    I can't give you a rating without the following additional information:

    cpu make/speed

    ram amount/speed

    motherboard type


    video card w/ ram size

    sound card

    network interface

    any and all additional hardware.

    right now, i'd give your computer a 2 because it's junked up. you don't need three web browsers, don't need the optimizers you've got loaded..they just drag overall performance down, the only aspect you're ok is in your OS/AV/spyware protection. that's good and complete...the rest of the needs to be thinned out a bit, plus, like i said, your system could sound like an 8 to someone...but if you've got crap hardware, then it'll never rate that high. i'll even tell you MY box for the hell of it:

    Windows XP SP2

    AVG 7.5

    Spybod S&D

    Windows Defender

    Winamp (most recent)

    Firefox 2.0

    CDBurnerXP (freeware)

    Grand Theft Auto: San andreas (oh yeah, games are ok)

    basic support software (java Vm, yadda, yadda)

    audio workstation sofware (Adobe Audition, SoundForge, StudioPro, ProToolsLE, Goldwave)

    AMD AthlonXP 2000+ CPU (1667mhz)

    Asus AV78x-x mobo with Via KT333 bus

    512mb DDR ram (i had more, but it's corrupted)

    Nvidia GeForce FX5200 128mb DDR 8xAGP

    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Platnium

    Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platnium

    onboard LAN

    i give my system a 4. why? it's old.

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    Oh my god... What a boring computer... But this is only my point of view of course.

    I think it is about 8/10 for securty, 4-5/10 for multimedia , 6/10 for optimisers...

    Browser is not important.

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    tremendously candy. i admire the SSD. And the GFX card. The processor is a sprint meh. ought to enhance to an i7-2500k. Or i7-980x (while you're feeling incredibly amazing). Kinda overkill on the RAM, even with the undeniable fact that that is as much as you. I doubt you will use 0.5 that. PSU is overkill and Kingwin is an iffy employer, for confident. you incredibly in basic terms want 1000w max. 800w is in all possibility straightforward.

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    You asked us to rate your computer, but it really looks like you want to know if you have enough security software installed. You said very little about the PC: e.g. CPU Speed, amount of RAM, Video Card, Audio Card, etc., etc., etc.

    If you want a good eval of how secure your PC is try this Microsoft Security Scan and see how well they rate your PC.

    Hope this helps.

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    Q. How does it runs, while all this stuff is installed in it. ????

    Ans - Very poor condition !!!!

    I am rating your computer poor because you have asked to rate your computer, but you are giving the software installed in it not the hardware configuration.

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    What are the specs of your pc? What are you comparing it to?

  • Anonymous
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    Yes lovely.

    Do you actually DO anything with your machine?

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