Please in-light me! Why big corporations in USA give financial support to presidental elections?

Tell me something I don't understand in USA! When president wins he must obey and do somethin in return to those corporations. Isn't that corruption? Is this legal? I don't understand, please! In my country parties have to have their own money and when corporation want to finance someone it is called corruption.


Parties in my country get money from people who support party. Is like that also in USA?

Update 2:

Each person, citizen who support party give money mounthly or once in a year.

Update 3:

libido: you are wrong. Make researches!

Update 4:

Bruce Frazier: Why would big corporation donate secretly if they are alowed to donate. In my country donations are not allowed. Maybe they do secretly, but we also have a group of people who discover corruption. Parties can do corruption, but if they are descovered they go down.

Update 5:

madjer217...: An individual cannot inluence party, because money you give is already decidet. An individual don't give less or more.

Update 6:

I just want to answer to all, so you will understand.

An individual cannot inluence a wining party in my country, because money you give to the party is already decided. An individual don't give less or more money. It is like you give money for library each mounth so you can borrow a book. We all give the same money. And, there are so many people it is difficult to please everyone. An individual is not like a corporation which would follow one goal. Individual support party because of the values they support and promises they made.

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    ok it is enlighten and the reason is is because the united states government is corrupt plain and simple

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    Yes, corporations do finance political parties. Those guys have a lot of stake as to what decisions the president makes. Its something that shouldn't happen. Why should a bunch of corporations determine America's future and the world? The president is elected by the people. Having being heavily influenced by corporations doesn't represent democracy. Its a new term known as "corporacy". Don't believe me? Have a look at how America always handled the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Yes, those corporations even have a stake in those issues. Thier leader's personal views are more or less reflected. Peace be upon all.What I am trying to say is that these corporations have too much influence in US policy.

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    Yes, companies do give money to the parties, in most cases to both parties. The amount will differ depending on who they think is winning.

    Is this really any different than a person giving. You/company gives money to a party because you think they will do something that you want. That something could be for you, for the country, for a group of people, etc. Of course the person/company that gives the most may have better ACCESS to the officials and will be more likely to get things done the way they want.

    The president does what he wants he is not bound to do what a company wants.

    After all the money given is in the records and the public if they look can determine this, it's not under the table.

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    Where is your country? In the USA, we have campaign funding laws that limit the amount of funding a political candidate can receive from any one group, but unfortunately corruption still exist because special favors are expected after the election and if they are not returned, the the money will be cut off for the next person, which will alienate the candidate from a future possibility of election.......whats good for the party is good for the candidate

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    In America, corporations are considered invididuals. Each functions as a "person." That being the case, each is allowed to make contributions to campaigns to certain limits.

    As long as the corporations make the contributions legally and within the amounts allowed by law they are not considered corruption.

    However, when corporations or other individuals make secret donations beyond what the law allows in exchange for favors it is illegal.

    Unfortunately, we have many corporations and individuals in America that are corrupt.

  • Ted T
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    1 decade ago

    They can put whatever spin on it that they like but the reality is that politics is a corrupt business. The only fair way would be to ban corporate contributions and allocate funding to each person standing for election. This could be funded by taxing corporations based on what they have been able to afford in the past.I know it sounds like a commie concept but just remember these corporations have been ripping you off for years.

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    1 decade ago

    Rich people run every goverment. Its a fact of life. If they arent rich, they are strong and ruthless. Those are called Rebels. But Castro was a Rebel, now he has been President of Cuba long time.

    President does not run USA, People run USA. It is called Democracy of a Republic.

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    1 decade ago

    for your information, not only in the USA, it happens in every country. unless the big monopoly business houses give financial support, political parties can not survive another reason is they have some vested interest. capitalists donate money only to those parties, which will safe guard capitalist's is legalised in some countries.

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    well in USA we call it corporate welfare?You can bet if there is money somebody is scratching somebodys behind in return for the political contribution? I agree its drives everything here in the states,no money ,no representation?every once in ahile they screw up and get caught! look at the Abramoff mess!

  • 3 years ago

    Bush would not have the authority to cancel an election in accordance to usa shape. who's John (Viagra) the baptist? there become a John the Baptist interior the bible.

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