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what is national enterprise ach?

money was taken from my account from this place

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  • 1 decade ago
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    ACH stands for Automated Clearing House

    That's the method the withdrawal was done (rather than via Check Card).

    ACH is done when a merchant/biller has your routing & account number and processed an "electronic check"

    As far as who National Enterprise is, I would strongly run a google search or contact your financial institution to obtain further information on them (it can be done).

    Source(s): i work for a bank - see it all the time
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  • they've got a website, they call me everyday and sundays 8am

    They think I'm douglas, its a recording so you can't tell them *(&* off. I called their number finally and told them I'm on the do not call list...the girl argued with me like taking my time was ok. why didn't i do this, I'm their free employee? creeps. like dave ramsey says, scum sucking

    Source(s): experience with them 18004115317
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