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can you get lung cancer from smoking cigarettes even if you don't smoke that much?

what I'm asking is this:

can you only get lung cancer from smoking A LOT of cigarettes or can you get it even if you don't smoke that much?


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    Usually genes in the body called p53’s, proofread our DNA cells for abnormalities. When p53 detects an abnormal DNA cell, they will repair it. However, when the p53 gene is destroyed, nothing will regulate the abnormal cells. The abnormal cells grow into full-blown cancer. So, what destroys p53 genes in the first place? Mutagenic chemicals; cigarette smoke is full of them. Although, one cigarette is not likely to induce cancer, smoking many cigarettes increases the odds of disaster. It is like playing a game of russian roulette. How many drags will it take to finnaly destroy the p53 gene? The more you “play” the more you increase your odds of detroying the p53 gene and obtaining cancer growth.

  • Anonymous
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    You can get lung cancer even if you never smoked a cigarette or been exposed to second hand smoke.

    Some people smoke for 75 years and never get lung cancer.

    It depends on YOUR body, and a lot of other factors that the rabid NON-Smoking crowd don't want anyone to know.

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    YES!! You can deffinately get lung cancer from smoking lightly. There are even studies out there that say that smoking lightly is more harmful on women then men. You are at a higher risk for heart disease and cancer being a woman and smoking than a man would.

    Source(s): I am an oncology nurse!!!
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    You can develop lung cancer without even touching a single cigarette. You can smoke once and get cancer. You can smoke all of your life and not get lung cancer. It all depends on your body's tolerance and affinity for cancer.

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    You do not even have to be a smoker these days. There are so many men and women coming down cancer that do not even smoke. Cancer can be caused from chemicals that are sprayed on our crops right down to what we clean our homes with. The American Cancer Society has a great website that gives you lots of info on all different types and symptoms of cancer.

  • Betty
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    You must be kidding. Smoking is the very worst thing you can do and is one of the biggest reasons for lung cancer as well as other cancers. This is the biggest like I have ever heard. Whoever made this statement needs to wake up.

  • Autumn
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    yes and guess what you can get lung cancer by never smoking you can also get lung cancer from 2nd hand smoke its just more common if you do

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    Imho, it depends upon several factors including genetic predisposition. Non-smokers have had lung cancer, and not from second hand smoke either. Sometimes life doles out situations we humans never "asked" for.

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    someone can suffer from a lung cancer even if they are not a smoker & that is bec. of the 2nd hand smoke u get from other people. so what more if you are not smoking that much? got my point?

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