what is iO Chinese channle?

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    iO Digital Cable is a digital cable service offered by Cablevision, available only in New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. It includes 22 HDTV channels, interactive channels, such as games, and channels that allow viewers to browse listings of autos and homes for sale in the area, and video on demand. Additionaly, iO comes with 44 channels of Music Choice music channels. iO also offers a DVR and a HD-DVR, for an additional cost. It is currently the only company in the United States to offer BBC World, however BBC America is not available.

    On Demand Services

    In addition to on demand movies, iO offers:

    Subscription Channels

    HBO on Demand

    Cinemax on Demand

    Anime Network on Demand

    Showtime on Demand

    Disney Channel on Demand

    Playboy TV on Demand

    IFC Uncensored on Demand

    Anime Network On Demand

    Free On Demand Channels

    iO offers several free On-Demand channels, which are:

    Mag Rack


    Fuse On Demand

    Nick On Demand

    MTV Espanol On Demand

    There are more programs or less depending on your location of viewing or service availability.

    Movie Channels

    11 HBO channels

    11 Showtime channels

    9 Cinemax channels

    6 STARZ! channels

    8 Encore channels

    4 The Movie Channel channels

    Sports Packages

    iO offers several sports packages, to allow viewers to see out-of-market games:

    MLB Extra Innings

    Offers all MLB baseball games.

    MLS Direct Kick

    Offers out of market soccer matches.

    NHL Center Ice

    Offers all NHL hockey games.

    iO Sports Pak

    Offers additional sports channels, including The Golf Channel, Gol TV, and NBA TV.

    i0 also offers HD coverage of the home games for virtually every New York-area team (to the extent HD broadcasts are available).

    Non-English Packages and Channels

    iO offers several packages and channels which are in languages other than English:

    iO en Español

    Thirty Spanish language channels.

    Russian Package

    Several Russian language channels, including an On Demand Russian channel.

    Korean Package

    Several Korean language channels.

    Indian/Southeast Asian Package

    Several Indian and Southeast Asian languages channels, including one Hindi language channel.

    The Chinese Channel

    A Chinese language channel, providing entertainment and news.

    TV Japan

    A Japanese language channel, providing entertainment and news.


    A Portuguese language channel.

    TV Polonia

    A Polish language channel.

    RAI International

    An Italian News, Sports and TV Series Channel.

    iO Channel List

    Note: Channel availability may differ on your location of viewing. (100-845 only)

    101 iO Showcase

    102 C-SPAN3

    103 Euro News

    104 BBC World News

    105 Bloomberg TV

    107 WABC+ Plus

    108 Eyewitness News Now

    109 WNBC Weather Plus

    110 WNBC 4.4

    120 Discovery Kids

    121 Toon Disney

    122 Nicktoons Network

    123 Noggin

    124 Nickelodeon Games and Sports

    131 Kids Thirteen

    132 Thirteen World

    133 WLIW Create

    140 ESPN Classic

    141 ESPN News

    142 Fox Soccer Channel

    148 NBATV

    160 The Biography Channel

    161 History International

    162 Nat'l Geographic Chan.

    168 Mag Rack

    170 The Science Channel

    171 Discovery Times Chan.

    172 Discovery Home Chan.

    173 Military Channel

    175 G4 videogame TV

    179 LOGO

    180 Oxygen

    182 Jewelry Television

    184 The Tube

    185 BET Jazz

    186 VH1 Classic

    187 CMT

    188 MTV Hits

    189 VH1 Soul

    190 Fox Movie Channel

    191 Hallmark Channel

    192 Sundance Channel

    195 MTV Español

    196 Fox Sports en Español

    197 mun2

    198 Telemundo Puerto Rico

    300 HBO On Demand

    301 HBO Signature

    302 HBO Family

    303 HBO Comedy

    304 HBO Zone

    305 HBO Latino

    306 HBO West

    307 HBO2 West

    308 HBO Signature West

    309 HBO Family West

    320 Showtime On Demand

    321 Showtime Showcase

    322 Showtime Extreme

    323 Showtime Beyond

    324 Showtime Next

    325 Showtime Family Zone

    326 Showtime Women

    327 Showtime West

    328 Showtime Too West

    329 Showtime Showcase W.

    341 Starz Cinema

    342 Starz Kids & Family

    343 Starz Edge

    344 Starz InBlack

    345 Starz West

    351 Encore Action

    352 Encore Mystery

    353 Encore Westerns

    354 Encore Love

    355 Encore Drama

    356 Encore Wam

    357 Encore West

    370 Cinemax On Demand

    371 ActionMAX

    372 MoreMAX

    373 ThrillerMAX

    374 WMAX

    375 @MAX

    376 5 Star MAX

    377 Outer MAX

    378 Cinemax West

    380 TMC Xtra

    381 TMC West

    382 TMC Xtra West

    402 TVG

    403 Fuel

    404 FCS Pacific

    405 FCS Central

    406 FCS Atlantic

    407 The Outdoor Channel

    408 Versus

    409 Gol TV

    410 The Golf Channel

    420-429 MLB Extra Innings/NHL Center Ice

    430 NBA TV

    431-440 NBA League Pass

    445-450 ESPN Gameplan/Full Court

    500 On Demand

    502 Free On Demand

    503 Disney Channel OD

    506 here! On Demand

    507 Anime Network OD

    508 IFC in Theaters OD

    513 Howard Stern OD

    515 Adult On Demand

    516 Playboy TV On Demand

    517 Too Much for TV OD

    600 iO Dashboard

    605 Optimum Autos

    606 Optimum Homes

    612 News 12 Interactive

    627 fuse Interactive

    631 Hollywood.com TV

    632 Broadway.com TV

    700 Hi-Def On Demand

    701 INHD

    702 CBS HD

    704 NBC HD

    705 FOX HD

    707 ABC HD

    709 My9 HD

    711 The CW HD

    713 Thirteen HD

    715 YES HD

    720 MSG Network HD

    721 WLIW Digital

    725 FSN NY HD

    730 InHD2/SportsNet HD

    736 ESPN HD

    737 TNT in HD

    740 Starz HD

    744 Universal HD

    750 HBO HD

    760 Showtime HD

    780 The Movie Channel HD

    792 PPV HD

    800s Music Choice Channels

    900 iO Upgrades

    901 Order Optimum Online[1]


    Optimum Online is not available in all locations.

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