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How are the Rebubs taking the fact that Dems have the House AND the Senate?

It was announced earlier today that George Allen (R-VA) has conceded the race to Senator-elect Jim Webb. That was the last seat that was in the air. The Dems now have control of both chambers of Congress. Sorry Bushy Boy, but your Agena will no longer be carried out!!

Now, if we can vote a Dem President in 2008, that would the icing on the cake!


tok, what do you mean "waiting on Kerry's plan"? Last time I checked, he's not the one in office, so whatever his plan was, wouldn't be in effect I'm a little confused.

And while you people say that we will be broke becasue of Dems raising taxes...well at least the financial well being of this country will be better. Becasue who ele is gonna ensure a booming economy...the Repubs? I don't think so.

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    Well, in two years after most Americans go broke because of Demoncrat policies, Americans will come back to their senses. So make the most of these moments, because it will be the last time dems will have control.

  • Jace
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    What the hell?? Why didn't the Republicans cry like the democrats and claim the election was stolen from them? What is wrong with them? Didn't they learn anything from the Dems in the last 3 elections. Cry,Cry, Cry undermine the republic by claiming stolen elections. Man, repubs must be stupid..... or do they actually trust the system of governemnt our founding fathers gave us?

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    Simple, Republicans believe in the rule of law, no matter how distasteful the results. I am waiting for the promised solution to Iraq. Been waiting for Kerry's plan for two years, how long will this one take?

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    its awsome now that they have them both because it is like the gun and bullet and i am sure that with 2 years they will for sure shoot themselves in the foot so in the long run it a great thing oh im an independent but dems suck worse !

    oh asker kerry is in office he is a US senator !! duh !!

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