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Why does he hurt me so???

I feel so direspected.. my own boyfriend who says he loves me.. ya sure.. called me a hoe and said some really nasty **** to me. Becuz I broke up with him. I broke up with him cuz he was flirting and up on some chics when I caught him. I got really hurt when he told me mean things. I told him, If i am such a hoe then you must be sleeping with a hoe. ha. I just don't understand.. we have been together for almost 3 years. And within the past yr, he has started treating me like ****.. Why???

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    you really dont know why ??!!

    PLEASE leave him soon, and don't ever think about him any more, cause simply he doesn't love you any more !!

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    It is a good question. I remember reading a good answer here at this site to soemthing like this and the guy mentioned something about being too available. He said a man has written a book about what causes men to lose interest on women and the main point is that the more available the woman is the less interest they keep. I dont know if it works for every man or every woman but in my case it has fit.

    You say in the past last year, so... maybe it would be time for you to look for other interests? making new friends? not betraying him let alone breaking up but letting him see the interesting person you are?

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    the oversimplified answer is that you let him. the deeper cause, which I may be way off on, probobly has to do with the male role models he has in his life. if they treat women like crap then chances are hes going to treat all women like crap. your best bet would be to either tell him that if he doesn't straighten up and fly right, you're out the door. believe me, if you had one boyfriend, you'll get another. for an insight into how a guy will treat you, look at how he treats his mother. if he's disrespectful to her then chances are good you'll get the same treatment.

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    WHY? can we talk he's treating you like ****, that is because you let him don't put up with it , you did the right thing move on to recovery heal , one must realize people enter our life for a season too teach us . When that job is done it's time too move on.

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    come on sweetheart u know beta than that u are no hoe, its just that d guy is under going d pains of not having u as his gf all he is doing is puor out his anger in an immature way.

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    Why are you sleeping with him, for one thing? That's just going to cause more and more problems in your relationship, as you now know. He's treating you like that because he has no respect for you, and also it's looking like he's trying to push you away to give himself an excuse to cheat.

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    He's a jerk and you should move on and find someone better. Sometimes it just doesn't help to ask why, because there is no logical reason--he's just an ***! You deserve better, so try your best to forget about him and not feel bad about it (he obviously doesn't)Good Luck & keep your chin up! : )

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    ok. some boys like me dont intend to hurt a girl, the just do it unintentional, so let him know that you get hurt so that he will not do it again, but if he does it again may be he just playing games with you.

    Source(s): from my own expirience.
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    move on! there are plenty other guys out there that would treat you better!

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