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I'm trying to get a handle on mining jargon and would like to find a website that has information regarding what might be a good indicator of resources when found by mining companies. I suppose I am looking for a guide to help me find what is a good indicator or rule of thumb when mining companies do their drilling. ie is 1gpt of gold a good indicator or is 3 gpt of gold better. What is a good indicator for gas reserves, what is a good indicator of gold and other precious metals.


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    Sharetrading - Mining & Drilling Jargon

    Consulting Mining and Drilling

    GRADUATE & JUNIOR MINING ENGINEERS: “Live in Brisbane AND have a brilliant mining career with Australia’s BEST Mining Consulting Group…” Create a new feed with different search criteria. Send us feedback about these feeds. » read more.

    THE NEW GATES EFFECT -- BOB NOT BILL: This lift trucks, housewares and coal mining conglomerate had $3.3 billion in Parker up 4.25% today. This contract oil drilling company had $590 a management consulting and venture capital firm, and a Professor of » read more.

    CHINA UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM NAMES NEW YORK GLOBAL GROUP : New York Global Group (NYGG), a global investment banking and strategic consulting firm with almost a decade of experience in bridging the cultural and regulatory gaps between the US and Chinese [[ This is a content summary only. » read more.

    RECRUITING COMPANY FOR OIL AND GAS: First the mining industry and that Downing teal understands it and their network is project owners, consulting engineers and construction contractors. Their consultants understand the construction industry and they have an extensive » read more.

    URANIUM BULL MARKET TO CREATE 4000 NEW US MINING JOBS: Miller believes by 2015, conventional uranium mining production in the United I know of no consulting group in which you can go hire out this expertise. new exploration pushing the limits of geophysics and drilling contractors. » read more.

    AXMIN INC. (TSX-V: AXM): This resource estimate was completed by independent consultant SRK Trenching is currently underway on this anomaly with drilling to follow when a rig is of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining in the United Kingdom. » read more.

    SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–EL CAPITAN PRECIOUS METALS, INC : The assays of the remaining 7500 feet of drilling are in the consulting geologist, Dr. Clyde Smith. The Company has New Mexico as well as a joint venture and 20% ownership of 13 mining claims and other assets known as the COD » read more.

    EL CAPITAN REPORTS ON PLATINUM AND GOLD POTENTIAL IN THREE SQUARE : “Dr. Clyde Smith, the Company’s consulting geologist has recommended two actions: Mottley continues: “In addition we will commence drilling to the West of the New Mexico as well as a joint venture and 20% ownership of 13 mining » read more.

    109 REASONS TO DUMP THE 109TH CONGRESS: influence for lucrative lobbying and consulting contracts for his daughter. to open up our coasts to more oil drilling, “by far the slowest, dirtiest, the 1973 Endangered Species Act with something “far friendlier to mining, » read more.

    BIG GOLD RESOURCE INCREASE FOR TEAL EXPLORATION AND MINING: Teal’s CEO Rick Menell said that the company was continuing with drilling to potentially be extracted by open pit mining methods,” said the statement. Teal also announced the commissioning of South African based SRK Consulting, » read more.

    POMBO UPDATE: OCT 13-26: “The ad is entirely false,” wrote Pombo campaign consultant Wayne Johnson in a If Pombo didn’t support drilling, all he had to do was let the moratorium Indian gaming tribes, oil companies, foreign mining concerns and some of » read more.

    DID DATA QUALITY JUST GET MORE INTERESTING?: More than a decade ago a Shell exploration drill neatly drilled into part of an Forrester estimates it at USD 1 billion, and that includes consulting. Zoomix uses data mining techniques to seek out the relationships amongst » read more.

    GOVERNMENT UPDATE: Large Quantity Generators, Transporters, TSDFs, Consulting Firms, This bill would lift the 25-year moratorium on drilling for oil and natural gas off most of Funds will be distributed to petroleum, mining, applied geology and » read more.

    DEEP THOUGHTS: WHAT COMES AFTER THE OIL RUNS OUT?: A handful of mining corporations now dominates the entire world market. The mining corporations are becoming more and more powerful, during the drilling itself, the porosity, temperature and solidity of the rock is analyzed. » read more.

    NORTHERN CANADIAN MINERALS TICKER: NCA.V SHARES OUTSTANDING = 25M : He has held senior positions in various underground and open-pit mining operations with Anglo Four project areas were identified, which received significant historic drilling. SRK is a leading international consulting firm, with » read more.

    25 DEMOCRATIC CONSULTANTS, BY RUSS BAKER: Democratic-associated consultants regularly work for industry groups and of the huge international diamond mining/trading company as Congress considered (a huge natural gas pipeline company supporting drilling in the Artic » read more.

    THE TOP 10 CORPORATE DEMOCRATS-FOR-HIRE: Quinn Gillespie has represented clients who want to drill in fragile areas of of the huge international diamond mining/trading company as Congress considered Leslie Dach, a former media consultant for Bill Clinton, former senior » read more.

    BEAUFIELD UPDATES ITS SUMMER EXPLORATION PROGRAM: A winter drilling program will follow up Beaufield’s encouraging initial drill results from were registered and according to Beaufield’s consulting geophysicist, logistics and close proximity to the mining town of Chibougamau. » read more.

    TOP 10 CORPORATE DEMS FOR HIRE.: Quinn Gillespie has represented clients who want to drill in fragile of the huge international diamond mining/trading company as Congress considered D&P Creative Strategies, whose motto is "Consulting with a Social Conscience. » read more.

    SOLAR POWERING THE GOOGLEPLEX: The consulting arm of Energy Innovations Inc., a company supported by venture all - its the perfect combination of sucking up to the big mining companies and Panji exploration well during deep drilling almost five months ago, » read more.


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    Mining Jargon

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