What do you mean by STS issues in science?

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    STS is a three-letter abbreviation with multiple meanings, including:

    Société de transport de Sherbrooke

    Space Transportation System, the official name for the United States' Space Shuttle program

    sequence-tagged site, in genomics

    Silver thriosulphate or Silver thriosulfate, in chemistry

    Scanning tunneling spectroscopy

    Satanas, a Filipino-American gang

    Science and technology studies (or, sometimes, Science, technology, and society, ST&S)

    Synchronous Transport Signal, part of the SONET communications system

    Sail Training Ship

    Service to Self

    Serviciul de Telecomunicaţii Speciale (Romania)

    Semipalatinsk Test Site

    Sharepoint Team Services, the original name for Windows SharePoint Services.

    Socio-technical systems

    State transition system

    Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School is a private school near Calgary, Alberta

    The Station-to-Station protocol, a cryptographic key agreement scheme that provides mutual authentication.

    STS Relay, the speech to speech relay service available via 711 in the United States

    Supercooled ternary solution, present in Type Ib polar stratospheric clouds (PSCs).

    Synergy Teleconferencing System, a computer bulletin board operating system

    Steel-titanium-silicon armour

    Self Tying Shoelace, a magic effect

    Stepover Toehold Sleeper, a submission hold used in professional wrestling, currently used by John Cena, who calls it the STFU.

    School Travel Services A U.K travelling company intended for schools.

    Charles M. Schulz - Sonoma County Airport (IATA airport code)

    Special Tactics Squad, An America's Army] gaming clan

    Cadillac STS

    STS (cyrillic: СТС) - Russian TV channel.

    Street Touring Sport - SCCA Autocross class.

    Space Tourism Society

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    i think STS means Science, Technology and Society. Well, at least in our university, that's what it means.

    So i guess STS issues would be those that involve the implications of Science and Technology to Society.

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    Isn't an STS a model of a Cadillac?

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