Should you swirl white wine before drinking it?

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    Hey Now...

    Swirling wine is usually for red wines because they are

    in the bottle for years...

    Good Reds for 10 years+ ...


    Yes you can swirl whites it will add the air and bring

    out the bouquet...

    There are no rules...

    If you want to...



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    Swirl White Wine

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    Always swirl wine. Think about it this way. You're pouring wine from a bottle with a very small opening into a glass and immediately expecting it to smell great. Very few wines can do that. Swirling it allows a small amount of air to get into the wine and open it up so you can get the total experience of the wine. Swirling just makes a great wine even greater.

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    It is a way to sniff the wine before you drink it as the swirl coats the interior of the glass so that oxygen can react with the wine to give it what is called the "nose" which is is what makes drinking a good wine much more pleasant to experience especially if the wine has a fruity note to it.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Really depends on the age of the wine. A wooded withe chard etc would benifit out a good swirl. Old world wines definetly need time to develope in the glass the glass. Try decanting a white and see the differance.

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    Yes in fact swirling the wine to raise it up the bowl of the wine glass then watching the ribbons (legs) that form when the wine slides back down the glass is an important clue as to what you are going to experience from the wine. Hints to alcohol content and residual sugar are revealed by the "legs".

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    1 decade ago

    Swirling the wine allows you to smell the wine better. So swirl it right before you sniff it.


    1. Swirl

    2. Sniff

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    You don't have to swirl any wine before drinking it, if you don't want to.

    The point of swirling, as they'd say in any wine-tasting class, is to allow the wine to mix with air to enhance the aroma in your "nose." This allows you to sense qualities that the tongue, alone, can't detect.

    Red wines are usually more complex and have more nuances of bouquet than whites, but to truly enjoy any fine wine, swirling is useful in fully appreciating it.

    Just drinking a wine without fully enoying all of its qualities isn't a high crime, but you'll find you drink less and enjoy it more if you do.

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    You can. Swirling it let's the wine "breathe" and lets you experience the aroma or bouquet. Mostly this is saved for red, since reds are aged. Whites are relatively new, and can spoil of left to age. Plus, swirling makes you look like you know wine lol!

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    People swirl wine in their glasses to check the 'body' of wine... it also helps when your smelling the wine too.

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