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Who won the Senate race for the follwoing states:?

Please give me their first and last name, political party they belong to and by what percent did they win; Arizona, New Jersey, Montana, and Missouri.

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    The Democrats.

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    We'll use D for Democrat and R for Republican

    Arizona- Senator Jon Kyl-R won re-election over Jim Peterson-D.

    New Jersey-Sen. Bob Menendez-D held off Tom Kean Jr-R.

    Montana-Jon Tester-D squeaked by Sen. Conrad Burns-R

    Missouri- Claire McCaskill-D upset Sen Jim Talent-R.

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    John Kyl (rethug)

    Robert Menendez (Democrat)

    John Tester (Democrat)

    Claire McKaskill (Democrat)

    You'll have to get the rest yourself

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    You can go to and right below the main stories is an icon you can click on to get all of that info. Hope this helps!

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    or check out

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