Are chipmunks related to that zany squirrel in "Ice Age"?

The chipmonks in my door yard are always busy and the cheeks are always pouched out with seeds, how can they possible eat all those things in one winter. (Does this predict a terrible winter?)


Sorry, I do know he's fictional, didn't word it correctly,I guess.

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    I am afraid that that zany squirrel in "Ice Age" is an animated fictional character. It is not biologically related to any animal living or dead.

    Did you know?

    A chipmunk can carry nine large nuts at a time: four in each cheek pouch and one between its teeth. .

    Cheek pouches can stretch as it will awaken to dig into its hidden supply of nuts and seeds, stored during the summer and fall. almost to the size of the chipmunk's head. .The chipmunk stores only hard food that does not mold, such as nuts and cones.

    A chipmunk may store up to 8 pounds of food in its burrows.

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    I believe it is a sign of a bad winter. They seem to be collecting earlier and more food stores. I think animals can tap into their "sixth" sense much better than humans. I just saw on TV how these sharks vacated an area right before a tsunami hit and returned shortly after.

    People used to use animals (and other things) long time ago as an indicator of weather changes etc. Ever hear of the caterpillar one (wolley bear) how big his stripe is determines the harshness of winter. And hey, let's not forget about Groundhog Day!!!

    IF that character was real then, yes he would be related to a chipmunk (or rat) because they are all in the Rodent family.

  • Anonymous
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    If you watch the "special features" on the DVD, they say that "Scrat" is a fictional animal. He is supposed to be part squirrel and part rat.(Hence the name Srat).

    Squirrels and chipmunks both hoard seeds for the winter. It's not a "sign" of what kind of winter we'll have.

    Source(s): My 2 year old makes us watch Ice Age at least once a week!
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    No they are not, but you are.

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