Which one should i stay with?

I knew this guy 4 a long time since like third grade. i just stareted talking to him in my softmore year and he is a senoir. I was going out with his best friend but didnt really like him.I knew i wanted to be with my senoir friend.So my senior friend started to get intimate with me even though i was with his best friend. we kissed and every thing! After i broke up with his best friend staarted taliking 2 this other guy that i soon fell in love with we talke about every thing i was so happy being with him. Then i started talikng back to the senoir and i ended up cheating on him.now the boy i fell in love with cant trueust me even though he knew i still loved the senoir.we broke up and he moved on . what now

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    it seemes to me that you are really confused and i know some people are saying follow your heart but from past experience i know that can be hard because you really don't know what to do. so my av iced to you is be single for a while have Patience the right guy will come along.

    good luck & god bless

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    Sometimes it is better to just put them both behind you. Moving on can be the best answer. If you are really happy with one of them then stick with that person. Life is too short to be miserable or sad so just be with who makes you happier.

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    Your hormones are raging and you need to take a cold shower. But you also need to get your feelings in order. Don't sell yourself for less than what your worth. Just think about it.

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    follow your heart and be with who makes you happy. but quit cheating on your bfs because karma is a ***** and it's gonna come back and hit you pretty hard when you least expect it.

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    SLOW DOWN! sounds like a major issue to me... i dont know what to tell you...

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    get rid of them both...that way there is no jealousy or fighting

    Start out fresh!

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    stay with both you sond like thats what you want

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