This is for smokers in Ohio?

Does anyone that lives in Ohio think that its fair that us smokers have to give up smoking in public places because of people that cant be around smoke?


Its like the government is taking our right away to smoke..............So what will be next no drinking in bars......Only drink at home?!?!?

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    I live in Ohio and I'm a smoker. I believe that in certain cases it is fine to not allow smoking, like in office buildings and court houses and the like. I also believe that the owner of the property should be able to decide whether or not he wants to allow smoking. As in privately owned restaurants and bars. These places may be public in the sense that anyone off the street can go in there and sit down and have a meal/drink. However, its like listening to bad music, if you don't like it, don't listen. If you don't like that people are smoking in a certain restaurant, don't go there. It's called choice and the fact that some people don't smoke or don't want to be around smoke shouldn't limit the number of places smokers can go and enjoy a meal or drink and be able to have a cigarette when finished. Also, it is ridiculous to make people stay fifty feet or whatever from the entrance to a building. Outside there are many other carcinogens in the air besides smoke that people breathe in every minute of every day. Not to mention that being outside in itself takes away the second-hand smoke factor.

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    not from ohio...but I think that no smoking in publically owned building isn't libraries and courthouses and such...but private buisness should have to right to say yes or no....I hear people say....well if you want to smoke then don't go to a bar that has no smoking....I say if a private owner wants to allow smoking and you don't like it the go to a bar that does not allow goes both ways....

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    Yup! People who don't smoke have to breathe. You have a decision to smoke. If you are smoking, non-smokers do not have a decision to not breathe.

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    the rule should be if you own a public place, you make the call.

    e.g. if i am a restaurant owner, i should have the choice to limit my clientele, not the state.

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    Totally unfair!!

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