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Interviewer informing my current supervisor?

I've applied for a job at company B. Company B's supervisor interviews me on phone and screens me out. Furthermore, company B's supervisor knows my current supervisor at company A. These two supervisors seems to have been on good terms and may me friends. Company B's supervisor sends an e-mail to my supervisor (which she got from me during the phone interview/screening) and tells my supervisor that I've applied for a job at her company.

This is seriously messed up. Not only did she screen me out on the phone, but e-mails my current supervisor and tells him I've applied for a job at her company. What can I do? Should I at least e-mail her and tell her that she should not have done that and have put me on a very difficult and shaky situation?


I did mark "yes" on the application where it says "Can we contact your current supervisor?", but in this case, she clearly was not trying to check my reference, and she would had the need to contact my current supervisor if she was going to pursure my application. I am very angry, and feel very wronged.

Update 2:

She has screened me out with some lame canned excuses. I ain't gonna get this job.

Update 3:

I think knightshade1228 misunderstood me. This was NOT an in-house interview. This was a phone screening. I am on good terms with my current supervisor so he told me that he has received an e-mail from this supervisor at another company. BTW, don't they normally check references by calling rather than e-mailing? I seriously doubt checking my reference was the intention of the e-mail.

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    You answered your own question: you checked the YES box. Legally no, there is nothing you can do.

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    With the new information provided, let me make an alternate answer to your question.

    Generally, information is retrieved over the phone, but to my knowledge, no law exists that sets telephonic communication as the sole method of information gathering.

    As to the validity of what she did, I'm not sure. Without knowing what exactly she said in the e-mail, it's hard to say whether she overstepped her bounds. Did she screen you out before the e-mail was sent to you boss, or was it perhaps something she got in the way of information from your current boss that caused her to reconsider?

    Either way, I'm glad you're on good terms with you current boss. This could have turned out a lot uglier than it did. In the future, though, I still offer my original advice. When it comes to having them contact your present employer...check the NO box.

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    sometimes if not most of the times they ask you if it's ok with you to ask for references in your current job, which if that causes a problem for you then you say to not contact your current job. If you told them not to contact them they violated the confidentiality of your application, but I am not a lawyer, I know that for a few interviews I went. Did you get the job at least? if not, If I were you I would call and let her know that it bothered you that she informed your supervisor about you looking for another job, but that's just me that I can't keep my mouth shot when I should have. Good Luck!

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    I thought that they would have waited until your interview was finished then made the decision on wanting you to work for them offer you a job and then contact your current employer.I think you should contact her and ask why she has done this if you don't get the new job your going to feel uncomfortable where you are. Is this not a violation of your rights somewhere.

    Any way hope you get the job you want.

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    I sounds like a no win situation for you. If you blast her probalby won't get another look; and the fact that she contacted you super wasn't cool either. How did you dfind this out? for Company B or your Sup?

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