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What type of frog makes the best pet?

We want to get a pet frog for our 6 year old son. What type of frog makes the best pet? We are looking for something low maintenace, relatively inexpensive and very easy to care for.

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    Because your son is so young, I would recommend a species that is native to your area, or a similar habitat in order to reduce the level of care necessary. Tropical species may be fantastically beautiful, but they require extra care and maintenance that may be beyond what a 6-year-old can provide. Furthermore, some tropical species secrete defensive toxins through their skin that could make your child sick or worse.

    The North American Bullfrog is a fine animal for a youngster. It's robust, hardy and has a good appetite for all manner of food. The caging and heating requirements are minimal and it is quite tolerant of handling and being petted.

    I have raised several from tadpoles and kept a number as demo animals at a local petting zoo. If your son wants a frog, I don't think you can do better than a bullfrog.

    Source(s): My own experience working in zoos and animal shelters.
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    If you must get a frog, a firebellied toad is probably the best choice. Frogs do not generally make good pets for small children however, as the are fragile and shouldn't be handled regularly. If he is fine with not interacting with his pet, then a couple firebellied toads would be great. Otherwise, go for a hamster, snake, or leopard gecko, or wait till he's older.

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    african dwarf frogs because they are cheap really small take up hardly any space and are very hardy frogs they live for about 4 years i was told and i have had mine for 5 so ull have to look into that but over all they are great first time frogs

  • You can try getting a PacMan frog!!! There pretty low maintenance. But they do get rather large, about the size of a bull frog.

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    a red belly toad is the best frog to have they lived for my sitter and then she gave them to me

    Source(s): from exprence
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    red eyed tree frog they are great i had one and not only there fascinating frogs there beautiful and there about fifty dolor's but there worth it.

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    giant bull frog they are awsom and can catch them in a local pond

    Source(s): me
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