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Anonymous asked in Computers & InternetComputer Networking · 1 decade ago

I need help setting up two wireless networks ones on verizon dsl and ones one comcast hsi?

I need help setting up two wireless networks ones on verizon dsl.. i need to know the router settings for wirless setup such as connection type is it a static ip or dynamic ip what type of security encryption do they use 128 wep or wap?

Comcast i also need to know the settings for a router to set up a wireless network such as the type of ip address static or dynamic security type and so forth.. Can anyone give me detailed instructions on both of these set ups


Verizon router is a compusa one that was reccomended from verizon.. yes and comcast will config your home for a in home networking but will charge u 150 for the install plus a fee to rent their router they will not use just any router the comcast one is a linksys laptop im using a pcmci card linksys encryption on all pc can use 128 wep

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    What you need to do first before bothering with a WiFi setup is get the two routers working with a wired connection, that's the easy part and you shouldn't need any help in doing it... If you do need help in setting up your ISP connections on your routers then it's going to be a pain trying to help you do it via Y!answers.

    Anyway... Plug your laptop in to the RJ45 (ethernet) port at the back of each, connect to the router using a browser, configure the router for your providers connection and then re-configure the default LAN settings of your router... You then need to check that your laptop has access to the net.

    I should point out that the connection from the laptop to the router is running on the same LAN IP range as your WiFi will be, usually something like If you want to statically address your wired and wifi networks you will need to either change this IP range or keep it constant throughout your network.

    Let's say, for arguments sake, that you have kept your default LAN IP settings from your router and you have configured your wired devices as follows :

    - Router =

    - Laptop =

    What you want to do at this stage is decide if you want a static or dynamic network... Having a DHCP server provide addressing to your network is nice and simple, but it's also a big security risk when using WiFi as people can just jump on to your network without needing to get a valid address, not that it matters all that much if you know how to wireless hack, but anyway.

    Router WiFi should be set up as an infastructure with DHCP enabled/disabled based on your choice... Choose channel 11 and choose WPA2 encryption with a PSK and give it a nice long key to work with. WEP is crap, don't bother with it, I can crack WEP encryption simply by sitting near your network for a few hours... WPA2 is nice and secure.

    Providing you set all of your wireless devices to be in the ranged and have their DNS and Gateway set as your network should just work seemlessly, for both routers... Mine always do.

    If you wanted in depth help then I suggest you follow these steps and then maybe ammend your question with where you are stuck :

    - Set your laptop IP address to be in the LAN range of the router, this should be given in your manual.

    - Connect to router using CAT5 (ethernet cable) by clipping in to RJ45 (ethernet) socket on the router.

    - Configure your DSL/ADSL/(whatever) Internet connection on the router as per your ISP settings and IGNORE wireless at this stage.

    - Reboot the router after saving your settings and run a trace to a known active IP Address on the net to make sure you have connectivity from your LAN to the Net via your router.

    - Turn off/on DHCP and set the DHCP range to exclude any static addressed devices like your laptop and router.

    - Configure your WiFi settings to use infastructure mode

    - Configure your SSID to something you can remember

    - Either show or hide your SSID, it's up to you, but if you hide it you will need to remember it.

    - Configure it to work on channel 11 using a mixed mode (B or G)

    - Save and reboot router

    - Check your WiFi connection using a device with a wireless NIC, can you see it ? can you connect to it ? if so can you get access to the net ?

    All in all I'm sorry to say your question requires an answer longer than I can write in a single post without going over things you may not need to know...


    After reading your additional info my information still stands...

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    you're not giving enough details like what type of router you have and or what type of card for your desktop or what type of laptop you have. Some laptops come with satallite built in, others don't. Some laptops can have WEP and WPA security protocols and some only have one. If you are using Comcast they usually come out and set everything up for you. They give you a cable modem and configure either your lap or desktop as part of the service. Verison just sends you a DSL modem and you have to configure the router yourself, and that again depends on the wireless router you have or plan to purchase. Many people, such as Comcast, go with Linksys. But give up some more details and I can help you more.

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  • 1 decade ago
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