Hatred against Israel.?

What does the normal man or woman in the western world think about this: Why do the Arabs and Muslims hate Israel.

Why is there that big hatred in their harts towards that state in the middle east.

Why did they have those wars with it, why do they support the palestineans in their fight against it, Why would 1,2 Billion in the world hate Israel.

I have always tried to find an answer for that question.....???

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    Israel is a delicate situation.

    Is Israel itself a great example of democracy, economy, etc.? A resounding YES!

    Unfortunately, that plays ZERO part in the mentality of their regional neighbors.

    Israel was CREATED by the US and Britain after WW2, largely as a byproduct of the guilt associated with the holocaust's effects on Jews.

    The US and Britain (primarily) created the boundaries of a new israeli nation, taking terrotory previously controlled by Turkey (Ottoman Empire) and then Britain (after WW1).

    Imagine the city where you live, being suddenly designated as the "homeland" for a minority such as Native Americans, or Mexicans (what have you). You and all of your city's population are told... "move out". We are giving this city to this new group because HUNDREDS of years ago it was once predominantly occupied by them.

    "Pack up! We are going to give you two pieces of land on the outskirts and on basically opposite ends of the city. Move there." (Gaza and West Bank)

    We actually had intended to allocate a great piece of land for all of your people right next door, BUT... the mayor we chose, made himself King and decided he didn't want you to sully up his town and said NO to any immigration (Jordan) and thus you are stuck in two essentially useless pieces of land, so we can alleviate our guilt.

    I know this scenario sounds over simplified, and it is, but the point is... WE (US and Britain) arbitrarily recreated a nation of Israel by wielding our power over weaker people.

    THIS is what has caused the hatred of us and the Israelis as much as anything.

    Britain backed off of nation building and manipulation considerably after WW2, while we intensified our nosing in. Thus Britain took less and less direct attacks, while we were seen more and more as the enemy and the big bully supporting an illegitimate state (in Arab minds).

    I am NOT an Israel hater...dont get me wrong, but Israel is not this poor, pitiful nation that is unfairlyu beat up on by big arab bullies.

    She is HEAVILY armed, nuclear capable and despite our wishes, has violated MANY UN charters (developing nukes, selling arms to South Africa during apartheid (even co-developing nukes with South Africa), selling F14 technology to Iran (while we were embargoing them), selling missile tech to China, Pakistan, India, et al for ICBMs, etc, etc.

    Israel is a CREATED cause for the Arabs... and it was created by us.

    With all ofthat said. Israel deserves autonomy, and deserves our support, BUT not our BLIND support.

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    The Arabs feel threatened. It all has to do with the location of Israel. Israel, especially Jerusalem is one of the Holiest places in the world. The Jews feel the need to live there because in the bible, and in their religion, God gave them Israel. Way back in Genesis... 12? I think? God tells Abraham that all this land will belong to his people. Later, David chose Jerusalem as his capital and Solomon built the first Temple there. Jerusalem also is said to be the site of the binding of Issac.

    HOWEVER, Muslims believe all of this as well. Muslims believe that Abraham is the patriarch of their religion, too, and believe that Solomon was a prophet of God, the same way Jews do. The Muslims have been living in that land since the founding of Islam in 643? I think it was 643, but I'm too lazy to look it up. They fought off the Crusades, they defended this land against Christian invasion, and they built the Dome of the Rock, the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the former site of Solomon's Temple.

    This Mosque is a big point of contention. The Muslims want to keep it theirs, it's under Palestinian control right now. They want to worship there because it's the location of the Night Journey, when Mohammed was taken from Mecca to Al-Aqsa to pray with all the propehts of Judaeism and Christianity, including Jesus and then ascended bodily to heaven. It's a big deal.

    The Jews want Al-Aqsa gone. They want to rebuild the Temple so the Messiah can come. The Christians want the Jews to build the Second Temple, too, so the Messiah can come again. The Muslems want Al-Aqsa to stay, because they see the Building of the Third Temple as a sign of the coming Jewish Antichrist, and don't want that. They also want to hold onto their land against a percieved Jewish threat.

    Much like the Nazis, the Muslems have lots of Anti Semitic propaganda floating around, some of which stating that all the Popes and Martin Luther were Jewish, and Martin Luther spread Jewishness to the New World and we're all under Jewish control over here.

    The Jews hate the Muslims equally. It's one big mess. The Jews are just as much at fault as the Muslims here, for letting their extremist religious sentiments get in the way of living together. The Christians are only adding fuel to the fire by backing Israel for purely religous and guilt for the Holocaust driven reasons.

    Source(s): DISCLAIMER: I believe Israel has the right to exist right where it is, but I don't think they should be moving into Palestinian territories to make political points, it's just antagonistic and results in people getting killed. I think evangelical Christians should back off, they're only making things worse. Christ will come again when he's good and ready, quit trying to make him come on your own schedule. Geeze.
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    You are so ignorant of facts and history that you don't know what happened more than five minutes ago. Here's a little lesson since you obviously know so little.

    For a thousand years (900CE - 1900CE) the christians of Europe murdered jews, kept them from being citizens in their birth countries and destroyed property all in the name of "christianity". During that same thousand years, the muslims gave jews sanctuary and protection in Turkey or lived peacefully, side by side, with jews in Spain and other Mediterranean countries.

    Then Israel got its own state in 1953 after a campaign of terrorism against the Palestinians (with a lot of help from the US, who also, by the way, destroyed Iran's democracy in 1953). The muslims have hated the jews and the US ever since.

    All muslim groups, both moderate and extreme - including Osama bin Laden - have said since 1967 that if Israel gives up ONLY the West Bank and Gaza Strip and lets the Palestinians have their own state, that everything will be peachy and the violence will end. The Palestinians have said this since the start of the PLO in 1970.

    The US and the jews know that a peaceful settlement is possible, but they want ethnic cleansing. And then they wonder why everybody's pissed off at them....


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    Because what was done to Arabs that precipitated the rise of the state of Israel was wrong on a lot of levels, They seem to not be able to let go of the fact that sometimes life isn't fair and this time that unfairness came to rest on Palestian Arabs. Jewish people have dealt with more than their share of unfairness. I think if Arabs were able to embrace the concept that sometimes we must accept reality for what it is and move forward and trust in God to make the future better, we would all benefit.

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  • Doug R
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    This goes back to very early Biblical history. Israellites are God's chosen race (whether we like it or not). History has shown these people going through all types of persecution. Their bondage in Egypt is perhaps the best example of this. God has always come to their rescue with divine intervention. They are a blessed people. On the other hand, you have the muslims and many others worshipping someone other than God. These people by nature hate God and His people - always have and always will. Nothing we can do to "patch" things up will work because it is like mixing oil and water - God never intended for their to be a mixture of races in His chosen people. The USA of previous times has been predominantly Christian (though we are a Gentile nation), and we have backed the formation and maintenance of Israel as a nation since 1948. We have tried to help them attain peace, but there will be none - these ungodly nations like Iran, Iraq, etc. are made up of people who have been raised to hate Christians and Jews. Their religion calls for the total elimination of us infidels, so by nature and religious beliefs, they are doing what comes natural. There is no need to worry about why. What we all need to worry about is the USA pulling support from Israel - that will be the downfall of the USA because God will remove His blessing from this land. Israel and the middle east will be the site of continued struggle, hatred, and eventually armageddon.

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    I'm not from the western world but I'm from Indonesia. I DON"T hate Israel. I think that many radical Islamic nations like Iran and Syria is jeopardizing the safety of the Middle East and Israel. Those two radical Islamic nations want Israel to be wiped off the planet because they don't agree in the religion.

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    i think of there are greater than a number of ideals. There does look a undeniable theory among specific circles or in specific factors that this is totally religious, that Islam extremists hate them and this explains it. I observed a documentary filmed interior 12, perhaps 18 months at maximum of 11th of September. It replaced into filmed in the time of 5 states, in all probability somewhat bigger, yet no longer a lot greater, one or 2 interior the midsection, Iowa? Ohio? Sorry i'm no longer American and it replaced into various years in the past... It replaced into around the time that the U. S. invaded Iraq over the WMD. The documenary maker did random questions approximately all of it, and the various solutions. maximum of them have been clueless with reference to the worldwide. issues like the French and Germans have been being paid via Saddam Hussein to look any opposite direction... faith is a factor of the respond yet no longer each and every thing. i think of it relatively is in all probability greater pertinant in places like Afghanistan the place the literacy value is relatively low and all they understand is what the community leaders (which contain religious) tell them... the 1st Iraqi conflict there replaced into a minimum of a reason, and Saddam replaced into given threat to get out / clarify yet did no longer, the 2nd replaced into very flimsy and there did no longer seem to be a lot investigations into the WMD's or different techniques used first... yet i'm getting why Iraqi's do no longer basically like the U. S.... I wasn't around for the Iran / Iraq stuff so i do no longer understand if the U. S. replaced into butting their nostril in or butting it interior the incorrect way or what... i'm additionally no longer one hundred% specific with reference to the Israel / Palestine / US family members the two. appears like all of us's speaking and no person is listening or working their own agendas...

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    The Muslims, Jews, and Christians all want Israel land because inside is Jerusalem, and it is holy land to them all. A long time ago, the USA essentially stepped in and just GAVE it to the Jews, because they seemed the least radical and the most promoting of democracy. The Muslims hate Israel and the USA for it, and are willing to blow up school buses to try to take their land back.

    The rest is all "an eye for and eye," for an eye, for an eye...

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    The real hatred is not against Israel but against the United States for promoting Israel as a soverign entity.

  • sprcpt
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    Israel is hated in the middle east because in 1948 Jewish people from Europe took the land that is now Israel by killing the Palestinian people that were living there and set up their own country.

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