Our country must have blinders on?

Leading up to this election polls suggested that the iraq war was more important to them than terrorism.....

I guess this is the affect when americans live their poloarized lives and believe that their world is perfect and not subject to attacks.

It took 911 for us to realize we had been living as if we were the only country in the world, while also showing us that clinton's policy towards terrorism, mainly avoiding it was a grave failure. Unfortunately i believe it'll take another attack for the liberals/those people who believe bush is at fault to understand his agenda. I think it boils down to the reality that this nation is half american now, and our traditional values are at stack. Living in the enviroment we have been afforded in America, it seems many (liberals) and some moderates have forgotton what we are up against, this threat isin't just a one time affair, it is going to be the outcome of our way of ife in the united states. We will either defeat this threat now, and make it harder for them to attack or kill us/our way of life, or we will ignore it only to be too late when it occurs. Our country's mindset is to fragile to come back from an attack that will kill thousands of americans, and many forget what is going on after the normality of life returns which has happened post 911. The truth is liberals go by the world's opinion of what's right, the same world that has condemed our country since the 20's. And that is where ignorance bliss is born. You have liberals who don't understand that it's a mirage, and an utter joke to think the word is sincere when they mock our country. They do it because they hate the power/godliness (use to) of this country. And because our nation has lost it's unity mainly due to less/less true americans, that opinion will resonate with many here causing us to put our own way of life in danger. When 3/4 of the country is divorced, rap music is the only thing playing, and gay marriage laws are being passed around like hotcakes there is an obvious fall of morality. With this thought i also believe we are becoming more worldly through the influx of illegal immigration and the influence of a liberal media. Where we have a flow of people who would rather wave their flag than our own in protest. I dare you to cross the border to mexico and see how their government treats you, they won't allow you to stay that's for sure. I spoke to a veteran yesterday at work who told me that "we don't have nothin left but ***** in this country, and how the generation of the 50's wouldn't allow democrats to take power". With that being said, I honeslty believe this country's downfall will be through a loss of identity, we have so many people who live here that are actaully anti-american that their affect is beginning to seriously divide our country. There is no problem with democracy and allowing everyone to have the right to disagree, and that is the way it should be, switching control of houses every so election, but when a party believes that terrorism is on the backburner of the focus, we are in for a serious awakening. You may not think that the democrats controlling power will have an affect, but i can promise you it will have a huge******************* affect on our safety. The party doesn't support the patriot act, which allows us to monitor terrorist communication inside the united states, they don't approve of wire tapping, they didn't approve of holding captives at Guantanmo bay even after finding they were terrorists, and lastly...they believe in abortion, gay marriage, and an ousting of anything god in this country, and lastly they will seek a world opinion who mocks our nation before protecing our own citizens in the event of an attack. Clinton was one thing, but when our own livlihood is at stake, it's truly shocking to me that 911 has become a distant memory and liberals have said that the war in iraq is more important than terrorism....

that's a disgrace.

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    Obviously you are in the minority of your way of thinking. The main reason the rest of the world dislikes the U.S. is really very simple. When you continue to stick your noses into soverign nations business, financing rebels here, (Contras)regimes over there,(Saddam in the 80's) selling weapons to whomever(Israel, Iraq, Palestines), invading or trying to invade nations because the leaders there disagree with the U.S.(Cuba, Nicarauga to name a few), attempting assassinations of foreign leaders,(Bay of Pigs), ignoring the wishes of the UN because they don't agree with you(Iraq), ignoring places like Darfur(no oil there), refusing to accept the Kyoto Accord because it may cost too much to implement, need I go on? There are thousands of Americans along the Gulf coast living in trailers , corruption, etc, etc, etc. I am not anti American. I am anti-bully. The U.S. has invaded more nations since WW2 than any other nation and you expect to be loved??? It is easy when you have the military might to over-run any nation in the world but to expect the everyday citizen of those invaded nations to welcome you with open arms, is terribly mis-guided. 9-11 was an atrocity. The perpatrators deserve no mercy. But to run around the world like a chicken with it's head cut off, threatening soverign nations with invasions just because you can(Pakistan) is WRONG. Makes the U.S. no better than the regimes you are trying to defeat. You were/are a great country. Use your might for right. If you want to isolate yourselves because of a few nutcases, then the land of the free is the land of the paranoid and like any paranoid , you will continue to make enemies. America took a hit from 9-11, shrug it off, come back stronger than before. Show the world you are better than the terrorists. I am not suggesting forgive and forget. I am suggesting that aggression begats more aggression and your nation was founded to fight an oppressive king(regime), and unfortunatly, most of the world looks at the U.S. as aggressors not liberators. Fix what is wrong in the continental U.S. before trying to force your beliefs at gunpoint on the rest of the world. You didn't have to go to war with the Soviet Union to defeat the threat of communism and they are your ally now. Take care of your own , people in the U.S. are losing their homes because of an illness, people who cannot read are graduating schools where sports are more important than education. YOU ARE A GREAT NATION. ACT LIKE IT.

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    You should know that such things as your countries Patriot act anger the very people who vote most. It reads rather like an act we had in Ireland and in Northern Ireland on 'Internment' which angered does who voted and in the end just was a recruitment aid to groups that it affected. You can not shut people up all the time free speech is more important than state control of any form and I really don't think that the Iraq war much to do with the Republicans losing so much it was there attack on civil liberties the slow response by Republican administration to Katrina last year, played more of a part in the result than CNN and company will admit and Certainly George Bush.

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    I agree man. Its sad to see that America is becoming so divided that we cannot even agree on the important things. Education is at an all time low and patriotism is even lower. It will take war to show these puss liberals and democrats who live in a fantasy world that we should stay the course and show the world that America is still a force to reckoned with.

  • Anonymous
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    I believe it was "President" Chimpy that decided that Iraq was more important than terrorism. 5+ years later and Osama bin Laden is still running free, while were up to our necks in a country that had nothing to do with terrorism before we invaded.

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    it sure does

  • howie
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    get a life, they just woke up that's all!

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