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how can you make your bike lighter?

i have a 2007 Haro Backtrail X1 and i want to make it lighter

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    first of all, AWSOME BIKE. I have one of those....dont put pegs on it whatever you do or you will break the axle..its a dirt jumping bike, not for freestyle. Expensive upgrades are the lightest...heres the cheapest ways...first, remove the plastic chain guard if it has one, second, get light weight tires, third, get lighter cranks, fourth, get lighter rims or build your own, (i build my own bikes) fifth, remove any reflectors, they are pointless, anything you see on the bike that can be removed and still make the bike work.....i have about $500 worth of upgrades on my 07 X1

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    The most noticeable weight areas are the rotational ones (wheels). So guetting lighter rims would be important, but, that might also make them not as strong. If your bike is a jump bike, or you're heavy, I wouldn't mess with wheels or fork.

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    my fiance made his jamis dakar team (his racing bike) super light using a lighter fork, carbon fiber handle bars, light weight thompson stem and super light wheels. you will pay more for these parts but it should lighten up your bike quite a bit depending on what you are riding on now.

    good luck!

    if you want specifics, let me know and i'll get him to part it out for you.

    Source(s): my fiance's love for bikes
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    Easiest things to do...cut down the seatpost, trim the bars, lose any pegs you don't use, run a straight cable instead of a gyro, and trim excess axel length off of non peg sides. After that you have to buy some new parts...

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    you will have to have a road bike with a light frame and light tires

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    expensive parts are lighter.

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    trim the seat post and handle bars. take off pegs on non-grinding side, get ligher rims or pedals maybe

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