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How can I learn latin?

How can I learn latin...without paying for any big learn it all programs...I dont mean I wan to steal n e thing...I just really want a way to learn some basic latin stuff!


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    Latin For Mountain Men: A Short Course in Practical Latin - short, entertaining online Latin lessons designed for "mountain men" (AND mountain women), and just about anyone else, covering such topics as verbs and the first conjugation, nouns and the first declension, adjectives and the second declension, prepositions, adverbs, and conjunctions, review and pronunciation, third declension, this, that, and who, Latin questions, Latin word transformations, Latin numbers, comparisons, syntax, Professional latin and more -- http://www.du.edu/~etuttle/classics/latin/learnlat...

    Latin Grammar - an extensive guide to Latin grammar, covering the alphabet, orthography, the parts of speech, inflection, gender, number and case, declension of nouns, names of persons, adjectives, conjugation of the verb, personal endings, the sentence, construction of cases, peculiar genitives and much more -- http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/cgi-bin/ptext?doc=Per...

    Latin the Easy Way - a text-based guide to learning the Latin language intuitively, with minimal emphasis on grammar or rules -- http://www.cherryh.com/www/latin_language.htm

    The Latin Alphabet - a brief guide to the 23-letter Latin alphabet, complete with historical information -- http://www.du.edu/~etuttle/classics/latalph.htm

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    What I did was just dive in and start memorizing the grammar. First the nouns, then the verbs, then adverbs, adjectives, comparatives and superlatives, etc. For this, almost any decently outfitted website on latin (and there are thousands) will do. All it takes is a decent memory and the willingness to drill oneself incessantly. There's not much to learn. As my Latin professor in college used to say, "you can fit most of Latin Grammar on two sides of a legal-sized piece of paper." Get to the point where you can rattle off all four verb conjugations by memory, indicative and conjunctive mood, active and passive voice, and all five noun declensions, and the classical authors will begin to unlock their doors for you.

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    There is a website that has free downloadable readers and grammars for people teaching themselves Latin and Greek. they have an online forum where you can post things and study groups where you can move through a book at a set pace with others. I don't believe that they have a lot of activity, but the price is right.

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    I would get the Ecce Romani books. It's what they use in schools and it's not the expensive and it covers a lot.

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    Or you could just buy a textbook, such as Wheelock's or another beginning one, and self-teach that way.

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    i dont know

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