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how do you trust again?

i lost trust in my ex b/f.. but we are hanging out again.. i want to trust him again ... how do i do it? how does he regain my trust?

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    I was married once to a man for 18 years and then he left me for another woman..You've got to learn to trust again, because time has nothing to do with it. Just remember that he's not the only fish in the sea, give him another chance, forgive him, and try to forget about what he's done. If it's jealousy that's causing mistrust, just remember jealousy is like a two sided sword it hurts no matter what way it goes in. I came to realize that you only have one life and what the heck give it another chance if you want...My mother always said that you can't hold someone down. It's kind of like a butterfly fluttering around...if you jump around trying to grab at's only going to flutter around and try to dodge you, but once you leave it alone it'll usually land softly on your shoulder. Hold it gently let it fly. Beautiful little butterfly...squeeze it tightly make it die... Poor little butterfly... I believe everyone needs a second chance...I'm thinking we all make mistakes. Just listen to your heart, it will tell you if it is right or time. We all need to learn to forgive. To the question of him regaining your trust...that will only come in time. Good luck, and God bless.

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    First of all, it will take time for you to trust again. Sometimes even earlier than most but it does take time to trust someone again. The first step to regaining the trust again is too do little things with him and see if he is being honest with you. Just remember, baby steps than the big steps will follow.

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    Time will tell. Make sure you talk to him about it.. let him know that you don't trust him anymore but you are interesting in regaining it. Communication is definitely key in relationships. Especially when trust is an issue. Good luck!

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    once trust been broken --- it hard to fix it now it can happen but its going to require honesty on both partys involved trust is a thin line that not meant to be taken lightly start with small things and work your way up

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    Trust is something that cannot be given back (again) if it was lost, unless your bf is sincere on what he is doing then you could trust him...

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    I think that you should observe the way he acts around you more closely now.If you know he mest up one time he may mess up again so you should be more careful and if you really love him give him another chance i if you dont

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    the respond is on your coronary heart. the right thank you to have confidence a individual who has broken you have confidence returned and returned and harm you lots. Now in case you returned have confidence him it particularly is going to be your blunder mistake and you mustn't be waiting to forgive you thru out your existence. with the aid of fact, you are able to no longer wish reliability from that individual from now on. Your greater desirable have confidence in him will harm you to that quantity, which you mustn't be waiting to have confidence anybody else in destiny Please whip out each and every subject you have on your recommendations in his remembrances and ignore him for the whole existence. one subject i ought to permit you already know that, this individual does no longer deserve a woman such as you. in no way in his existence. depart him at as quickly as and brake off all kinfolk. If in destiny he prefer to return to you're saying him good bye.

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    try to look on his psitive attitude and see you will be trust him back like the first time.

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    You have to have faith. Life is too short. I have trust issues too, you are not alone.

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    He should do something to prove to you that he won't ever do it again

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