Which are the top general insurance companies?

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    The other answerers are right about being more specific with your question. Do you mean life, health, auto, or another kind of insurance? Do you mean by revenue, by market share, by customers, or by employees? Do you mean in the US or globally?

    Here are the top 10 life insurers in the US by revenue:



    3.New York Life


    5.Mass Mutual

    6.Northwestern Mutual


    8.Unum Provident

    9.Guardian Life of America

    10.Principal Financial

    Here are the 10 largest (public) insurers in the US by market value:





    5.Hartford Financial Services

    6.St. Paul’s Travelers




    10.Genworth Financial

    Here are the 10 largest (public) insurers in the world by market value:

    1.AIG (US)

    2.AXA Group (France)

    3.Allianz Worldwide (Germany)

    4.MetLife (US)

    5.Generali Group (Italy)

    6.Zurich Financial Services (Switzerland)

    7.Prudential (US)

    8.Aviva (UK)

    9.Munich Re (Germany)

    10.Manulife Financial (Canada)

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    Insurance Institute of America


    Forbes Top 2000


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    It's difficult to talk about "top general insurance" companies, because it varies from region to region. If by "top" you mean "largest," then you would say State Farm (largest number of policy holders in the US) or AIG (truly global company). You could mean top in terms of customer serivce, claims responsiveness, premium/pricing. What I'd recommend to you is that you contact a few local, independent agents in your area (yellow pages or online) and tell them what types of policy you need (home, auto, life, health, commerical etc,) and let them find the best company for you.

    The other critical factor is that companies base their prices upon their experience in a particular area. Your premium could vary greatly by shopping your coverage across a few different companies. When you see commercials advertising you could save a few hundred dollars by switching, they're looking to exploit areas where they have lower pricing when compared to the competition. There are many, many factors that affect pricing; everything from your education and occupation to where you live and what kind of car you drive will influence your premium.

    You'll need to tell the agent exactly what's important to you. Some folks want the cheapest price irrespective of service (I'd not recommend shopping for insurance based upon price, by the way), some folks are looking for great service or for the best coverages. Most people want to get the best value for the money, a combination of price, value and service. I would recommend that you choose a company known for excellent service, because that will make all the difference in the world should you ever have to file a claim (and you will...).

    I'd also recommend that you ask your friends and family who they have insurance with and ask them about their experiences.

    Then, pick an agent you like and purchase coverage that makes sense to you. If you don't understand something, keep asking questions until you get it. If the agent won't or can't answer your questions, find a new agent.

    Good luck!

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    Well AIG is the Largest Insurance Company traded on the stock market but there are others that are just as good so it depends on what type of insurance you are looking for kind of like the answer that you got already if you need any help with life insurance you can send me an IM and ether I or someone in my office is licensed in all 50 states

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    There are so many insurance companies. You really need to specify if you are talking about personal or commercial, home insurance or vehicle insurance.

    Too broad of a subject to ask so generally.

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    so many companies in the list

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