Car Speaker System?

hey everyone. I am 16 and about to get my first car, and i am very interested in gettin a system.. yet i know very little about them. I was looking online and came accross It looks like a very good website, and it has helped me learn a bit. But i have some questions.

What all do i need for a complete system (not too much $$) and where can i get it installed at?

Here is a list of what i have in my shopping cart.. and i think its all i need.

Infinity Perfect 10.1- 10'' Subwoofer x2

Profile AP600- 100W x 2 Car Amp

Dual XDM6820 CD Reciever

Q-Logic QLH-10D65 Dual 10''

Chrysler/Dodge LHS

This and a few wires come up to a total of $455. Is this a good price? Also, is there anything im missing? If you want, please email me,

Also, i cant really go over $500 probably. but thanks for the help! :P


The car i will probably have will be a 1998 Chrysler Concord LXI

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    well heres what you need for good sound with a low price


    .....whichever one you want


    .....make sure its the right size

    .....3 kinds (sealed, ported, bandpass)


    .....only one channel no matter how many subs

    .....make sure that the specs. match the woofer


    .....make sure the gauge (wire size) is big enough

    .....dont forget the battery terminal for the power cable to fit

    .....dont forget the fuse for the power cable

    .....the fuse has to be at most 18" from battery


    .....component speakers sound the best

    .....lower watt speakers will bump harder if you have no amp

    just remember to pay attention to the RMS wattage and not the MAX wattage. MAX wattage is just to draw you in.

    and you can get all of this installed at your local car audio shop. but just the installation will run you up like half of you budget.

    and personally i dont trust them. so i learned all that i needed to know and installed it myself. that saved me a few hundred bucks and i learned something very interesting. but good luck with all this

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  • reel
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    3 years ago

    i might say for an straightforward device you're staring at around $a million,500 or so. on the subject of the main inexpensive device i will build on paper for myself runs approximately $6,500. I spend over $a million,000 merely on sound deadener. you ought to truthfully spend $15k or greater on a device.

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    1 decade ago
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    1 decade ago

    try or

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