Impact Holocaust Denial has on Jewish survivors/community?

I cant find many legitimate sources on the impact that denials of the Holocaust has had on the survivors of the Holocaust... i would just like links to good sources to find this. It is easy to guess their reaction--probably angry or devastated at the fact someone would deny such a claim that the Holocaust did not happen, but I am writing a paper on it and need good sources of evidence to base my claims on.

Please don't state the obvious--that it DID happen and survivors were upset at this, because I KNOW. Do not tell me I need to do my homework, because I have done plenty of research and I am simply struggling in finding good sources for evidence of the reaction/impact the Denial has had.

Thanks for the help.


i know what the Holocaust Denial is. I dont want just any response--i am looking for how it impacted Jews, survivors in particular, of the Holocaust, and what they did in defense of themselves. (besides the usual--write books about it.)

Update 2:

ok. not looking for critisicm. simply asking if there are any sources that at least give some general information if any Jewish survivor has done something in reaction to outright denials of it. Im sure online, on some article in a newspaper, has put SOME sort of reaction towards Holocaust Denials at some point. I suck at looking for things like this, which is why im asking for help.

Update 3:

also not lookin for the impact the holocaust has on Jewish survivors.

im looking for the impact the DENIAL of the holocaust has on survivors.

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