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All through history what percent of inventions have women created, I mean patented inventions ?

No excuses allowed !!!

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    Inventions by women: the pill, (Margaret Sanger, 1912) circular saw,(Tabitha Babbitt,1812) dishwasher (Josephine Cochran,1872) engine muffler (Elle D. Jones, 1817) globes ( Ellen Fitz, 1875) elevated railway (Mary Walton, 1881) electric hot water heater (Ida Forbes, 1817) Kevlar (Stephanie Kwolek, 1966) liquid paper (Bessie Nesmith, 1951) fire escape (Anna Conneley, 1887) locomotive chimney, (Mary Walton, 1879) medical syringe (Laticia Geer, 1899) rotary engine (Margaret Knight, 1904) street cleaning machine (Florence Parpart, 1900) submarine lamp and telescope (Sara Mather, 1845) windshield wiper (Mary Anderson, 1903) life raft,(Maria Beasley, 1882) feedback control for data processing, (Erna Hoover, 1971) drinking fountain device, (Laurene O'Donnel, 1885) dam and reservoir construction (Harriet String, 1887) improved locomotive wheels, Mary J. Montgomary, 1864) improvements in stone pavements, Emily Gross, 1887) refrigerator, (Florence Parpart, 1914) safety device for elevators (Harriett Tracy, 1892) battery container (Nancy Perkins, 1986)...That's just a few.

    Not to mention all the numerous other inventions by women throughout time, that their husbands claimed, because women by law were not allowed to own property, or enter into a legal agreement in their own name until the 19th c, (and as soon as the law was changed, the patent offices were FLOODED with patents by women inventors.) This is not an "excuse" this is a FACT, perhaps you'd care to educate yourself on the difference. As for the percentage, it's about 20 percent today, but with the ever increasing number of female owned patents, this percentage is projected to rise to 50 percent by the next generation. So, anyway... what was your point?

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    I was reading that other post here, WOW, women invented the windshield wiper!!! Men invented the car that it goes on.

    And that is a bullcrap statistic that the rate is going to go up to 50%, how is that possible when women won't enroll in science and engineering classes in college?

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  • 4 years ago

    Paper disposable filter out for espresso replaced into invented by a lady who replaced into sick and bored with filtering espresso on previous shaped procedures utilizing a fabrics and a holder. She tried absorbent kitchen disposable towels and it worked. Her call replaced into Melitta.

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  • milky
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    1 decade ago

    100% because woman control men.

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