I want a list of who is running for office in pennsylvania's election?

The name of each candidate for the 2006/2007 election in PA

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    Ed Rendell (D)

    Catherine Baker Knoll (D)

    Lynn Swann (R)

    Jim Matthews (R)


    Rick Santorum (R)

    Bob Casey Jr. (D)

    Carl J. Romanelli (Green)

    Ved Dookhum (Socialist Workers/Write-In)


    District 1:

    Bob Brady (D)

    District 2:

    Chaka Fattah (D)

    # Michael Gessner (R)

    # Dave Baker (Green)

    District 3:

    Phil English (R)

    Steve Porter (D)

    District 4:

    Melissa Hart (R)

    Jason Altmire (D)

    District 5:

    John Peterson (R)

    Don Hilliard (D)

    Berlie Etzel Jr. (Lib)

    Ed Walko (Ind)

    District 6:

    Jim Gerlach (R)

    Lois Murphy (D)

    District 7:

    Curt Weldon (R)

    Joe Sestek (D)

    District 8:

    Mike Fitzpatrick (R)

    Patrick Murphy (D)

    District 9:

    Bill Shuster (R)

    Tony Barr (D)

    District 10:

    Don Sherwood (R)

    Chris Carney (D)

    Veronica A Hannevig (Constitution - Write In)

    District 11:

    Paul Kanjorski (D)

    Joseph Leonardi (R)

    District 12:

    John Murtha (D)

    Diana Irey (R)

    "Red Gabe" Ross (Socialist)

    District 13:

    Allyson Schwartz (D)

    Raj Bhakta (R)

    District 14:

    Mike Doyle (D)

    Titus North (Green)

    Cindy Jaquith (Socialist Workers/Write-In)

    District 15:

    Charlie Dent (R)

    Charles Dertinger (D)

    Greta Browne (Green)

    District 16:

    Joe Pitts (R)

    Lois Herr (D)

    John Murphy (Green)

    District 17:

    Tim Holden (D)

    Matthew Wertz (R) - Withdrew, but name remains on ballot.

    District 18:

    Tim Murphy (R)

    Chad Kluko (D)

    District 19:

    Todd Platts (R)

    Phil Avillo Jr. (D)

    Derf Maitland (Green)

    good luck and don't forget to vote for Bob Casey Jr. :)

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    Just vote straight Republican so we can get Fast Eddie out of office and maybe get some property tax relief.

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