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I am a Microsoft Access Programmer?

I am working with MS-Access since 1996. I am in need of a job relating to my field. Can any body help me ? You can send me mail also on

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    The problem is that Microsoft Access, as I am sure you are aware, is very limited in its use. It is great for hobby projects, and small applications, but for commercial applications, you hit the wall very quickly.

    In MS-Access 2003, a 7-table join is the upper limit. If you want to join more tables in a query, then you have to rethink your design - or denormalise the database, which defeats the purpose of proper design in the first place.

    I have written a medium-sized commercial application in MS-Access, but I stretched the limits of what MS-Access could handle, in almost every way imaginable, and I would never want to build a career in programming MS-Access :-)

    My suggestion is therefore... Since you know MS-Access, sell yourself as a VB developer - it should take little time to bring yourself up to speed on the differences in Basic dialects, and you end up with a more robust platform. You could also go for C# or another .Net language.

    Good luck :-)

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    jointly as you are able to probable locate some MS get right of entry to jobs obtainable, why no longer leverage your understanding of programming and databases and start to be taught MS sq. Server and/or different programming languages which includes VB.internet and/or C#? then you definately might have a lot of job possibilities.

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    I have a business in St. Louis Mo

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