Do you Think Gay Marriage Should Be Legal?

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One of my most kind and sweet friends is gay. I don't understand why he shouldn't be able to marry his partner. He does good things, he is a sweet and loving person, and yet ppl stare at him and say he is going to hell. How can anyone as wonderful as he is go to hell, when he has done so much good? And Why should he be denied a basic human right?


I'm straight, and I honesty don't see how gay marriage would affect me in a bad way. I would be happy happy for those I love and those who love. I wish everyone could just live and let live.

Update 2:

Who are we to decide whether or not a human can have children! Even if marriage wasn't a basic human right, Having children is and always will be!

My friend and his domestic partner are currently raisng a little girl, and she is healthy happy and beautiful!

Update 3:

Gays and Lesbians are NOT ruining the constitution of marriage. Adulters are ruining the constitution of marriage.

There is no proof that Gays and Lesbians can't raise a child in a stable enviroment.

The Bible says it's ok for men and women to stoned for adultery, how is that right? How can you claim that you are a good person if you want to supress and cause misery to your fellow human?

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    I don't know if marriage is a basic human right. Living with dignity, access to clean water and decent food, those seem like human rights.

    Marriage is a convenient financial arrangement. For that reason I think legal unions between gays should be allowed. Right now a partner cannot be "next of kin" if the other is in the hospital. Most employers and states don't recognize a partner as a beneficiary or a dependent for insurance. Gay couples should have the same rights for this.

    For the people who are against it, I am not sure why. It really doesn't affect them. I also don't get why gays are barred from adopting children. Is a kid better off bouncing around from group home or foster home to foster home? Don't you think that kid would choose a stable loving household over institutional care?

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    Of course it should be legal. Growing up, yeah, I thought marriage was between a man and a woman. But now I realize that shouldn't matter. Marriage is between two people who love each other. At least it should be.

    And I don't like when people say it ruins the institution of marriage if same-sex people are allowed to marry. What is ruining the institution of marriage is people who just get married for the hell of it in Vegas, and then get divorced a few weeks later.

    Divorces could also be ruining it. And if same-sex marriages are legal, that means the marriage rate will increase, making the divorce rate decrease.

    Also, people who say homosexuality is a sin in the bible or whatever...they should really think about it. One of the ten commandments is "Thou shalt not kill." And what does the army do? It kills. So that means that everyone who is against homosexuality because "the bible says it's bad" should also be against the army. But I doubt many people are. Because they protect us.

    Sorry I ranted. Oh and not that it matters much, I'm gay. And my boyfriend and I are very happy together and will marry sometime in the future. We've already talked about it. It sucks that we may have to move to Massachusetts just to get married, but for him I would.


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    Marriage is a spiritual commitment and is better sanctioned through the church than the state. Each person, by religious freedom, should be able to affiliate and choose a church without infringement by the government. So each church should be able to decide whether to marry two partners or not. And each person or couple or family should be able to decide freely how to contract and finance their marriage and family and estate through the church or institution of their choice, in order to exercise equal rights without imposing on the same of others.

    If other members of the public do not support same sex marriage, they should not have to fund or endorse it through the state which represents the public. Thus, independent churches should monitor and manage these arrangements privately.

    Gay marriage is clearly an issue of religious freedom, so the state institutions cannot make laws either for or against without the consent of all parties reflected or affected by such policies. To impose one way or another against the will of citizens or taxpayers is unconstitutional. These issues need to be decided locally where no parties are made to fund or to be governed under policies they do not agree with or wish to support.

    Policies should be localized where they represent the individuals. Marriage is a private religious/spiritual matter and should be respected as such. Only if there is an agreement with the whole public can the state lawfully pass and enforce a policy "reflecting" that agreement, but cannot impose it without such a consensus since this is a religious/spiritual matter.

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    Yes it should be legal

    No it should not be voted on as it is an issue of basic equality.

    What 2 consenting adults of any gender do between themselves is their own business and shuddap about it if it doesn't involve you.

    *I personally think marriage itself is retarded but hey you don't see me trying to make it illegal for everyone!*

    Arguments against it are really not very good. The whole "that's the way it always has been" has been proven stupid by the changes in views on slavery, women's rights, interracial and interfaith marriages (which were orginally illegal but no one voted to make them ok...are they gonna be null and void now?), etc.

    The whold can't have kids so can't be married is crap because there are married couples who cannot have children that are a man+women...are we gonna dissolve that marriage? No so this reasoning is bogus since plenty of maarried couples choose not to or cannot have kids and no one disputes their right to be married.

    Most of the studies I have read show that kids grow up just fine in a gay household all things being equal (one isn't an axe murderer, etc) and if people are so concerned then will it be illegal for single people to have kids or raise them as single parents? No, no one would ever claim that so that argument is bogus as well.

    No good reason except baseless hatred of different people

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    Okay, read carefully.

    Marriage is not a right for anyone.

    Rights are powers of the individual. Government doesn't create rights. I'm all for the individual right to decide who they want to live with, but marriage is beyond that.

    Marriage has grown beyond being a creation of the church, it is a creation of the government. That, by definition, means it isn't a right. Rights are powers you have in the absence of government.

    What really has me opposing gay marriage is the deception with which it's being sold. They say they just want equality. It flatly isn't true. What they want is a piece of an existing inequality, privileges like survivorship to SSA benefits, but they don't want equality at all. Equality would be if everyone or no one had the special treatment currently given to married couples that gays now want.

    Marriage is not a right. Not for anyone. It's a creation of the state, with privileges reserved to qualifying people.

    How about the driving age being 16, is it any different? It's not a right to drive, but they discriminate based on age. Some get the privilege, some don't.

    Maybe it would be fair to give marriage privileges to gays, but not in the courts, and not based on it being a "right" and not based on "equality".

    If they'll be honest I'll be more interested.

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    It's a moral and religious issue. The USA is a based on christian values and homosexuality is not condoned in the bible. For a priest to marry the same gender would be blasphemy towards his God and religion. Conservative parents and people think that if their children etc see two men or two woman acting like they are married might send the wrong signals to their children and cause confusion. Your friend might have to change religions to bend the rule of same sex marriage or move to a different county.

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    For all of you saying that being "gay" is immoral. When you can come up with a definitive definition of "moral" and "immoral," and have it accepted by everyone, you can then start to say what is what.

    Should it be legal? Your damn right it should. Who are you to tell someone who they can and cannot marry?

    At what point does it degrodate the bond between a man and a woman? Because you don't agree with it? You know...back in the day it was also a big deal for interracial marriage. Guess what, people do it legally now.

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    I can see the case where they want the same legal/financial benefits, but asking the church to sanction what the Bible says is a sin is just making a mockery out of the church, God and Bible. More importantly, why should religion matter? Are they trying to reassure themselves that what they are doing is ok or normal? Is needing a church wedding for some deep insecurity issue of morality? It sort of makes the whole thing nonsense, unless some guy has a deep desire to wear a big white wedding gown or something. A religous ceremony is dictated by the faith to be between a man and woman, so if they form their own faith that is fine but I object to the established church being altered in clear opposition to scripture. When is the church going to approve of cannibalism or bestiality as "normal" as well? Why are they still discriminating against those who practice that? Let's just throw out all those nasty "sin" labels and do whatever feels right as long as no one gets hurt, call it the "Church of Pleasure"? (or is that Wiccan?) Heaven or Hell is a matter of faith, if you are going to edit what parts of the Bible you want to abide by, why let anyone else's opinion of where someone goes in the afterlife bother you, it's all in what you choose to believe. You won't find out if you picked the right one untill after you die, THAT is the catch. It reminds me of the joke about a Mormon who said the advantage of having more than one wife is so that even if you do go to Hell, it will still seem like a relief!!!!! :))

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    Bible, Schmible! What a load of crap! If "God" is love, and 2 people love each other, then what difference does it make what sex the 2 people are? Remember that the Bible was written by men, and apparently many who follow the bible today have the same mindset as the people who wrote it eons ago-this is the 21st century, get with it, people! And if you're such "Christians", quit being hypocrites and love people for who they are! And to quote the Bible: "Judge not lest ye be judged"! In other words, yes, I think gay marriage should be legal. And by the way, I'm heterosexual.

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    No, it should not be legal. The bible says its a sin and therefore, we should not assert our imperfect 'opinions' and legalize & encourage something that our creator clearly states is detestable behavior. If God says we should not accept this behavior, who are we to question him? Should we legalize adultry, murder, assault, theft? Of course not, then why legalize, encourage, and promote homosexual behavior as being acceptable?

    Now, with that being said. Nowhere in the bible does it state gay people will automatically go to hell. Homosexual behavior is a sin, and all men/women sin with many different types of sin. Homosexuals can seek and receive God's forgiveness for all their sins, just as the heterosexuals can. If your friend believes in Jesus and asks for his forgiveness, he will not spend eternity in hell. A real Christian will love a gay person as they would themselves, or any other Christian. God loves gay people as much as he does heterosexual people. All this is true and can be found in the bible.

    Source(s): The bible, you can read it for yourself at
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