Help me with website... spell check, grammar mistakes, etc?

I just revamped my photography website and want your opinions. Can you help!?

Any errors you see, let me know. CONSTRUCTIVE (not negative) critisism welcome too. Spelling errors, grammatical errors, etc...keep your eyes peeled.

And feel free to leave a comment in my guestbook too!

I am not trying to get business through this posting here on Yahoo!... just help. It often helps to see things through other peoples eyes and perspective. Thanks!


Duh...the website can be found at

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It's actually very nice. :) Great photos. If I lived in Oregon, I would definitely hire you.

    The main thing I would fix is the navigation. The links to all of the main pages throughout your site should look the same on each page and be in the same location on the page so that visitors will not have search for them. Links that should be on every page: Pricing, Contact, About, Home, Guestbook, plus the drop down link menu to the different photo subjects.

    Plus, for a professional site, you should get rid of the visitor counter.

    Also, add a copyright statement at the bottom of each page.

    other minor errors:

    welcomemenu page:

    webpages should be 'web pages'

    take out the 'and' before honest, and put in a comma

    contact page:

    add the word 'to' before 'set an appointment

    That's great that you offer paypal. :)

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  • Kyla
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    4 years ago

    Well as far as I am concerned, if we allow the slip in the standards of spelling to continue, we will eventually lose the knowledge of how to spell correctly, the occasional slip is of course to be expected but there are limits, the mobile phone culture has already caused more than enough damage with whole groups of young people not even knowing that the word "great" is spelt like that, instead they put "gr8", "before" becomes "b4" even words that are spelt using an American spelling annoys me, we must stop being lazy, I think that we have a duty to keep the English language as it is, with the spelling as it is, getting it right is as easy as getting it wrong, especially when using a computer and although I don`t openly criticise people for spelling badly on Yahoo Answers, I do tell them that there is a spell checker supplied and that it takes seconds to use it, anybody can make mistakes in spelling, I do also but if I can avoid it, I will but some people ought to be ashamed of the way that they spell. As for re-reading what you have written, I do this anyway because I like to check that I have got my message across properly, as I hope I have done here, people that regularly write on Yahoo Answers should use the pieces that they write as practise for good spelling, you never know, they may actually become proud that the way they spell is done correctly. And, no there are no spelling mistakes in your letter but I suspect that you used the spell checker before it was submitted, well, be honest, I bet you felt good when no mistakes were found also.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Since beginning my photography career, I have strived to capture my subjects on a personal and honest, (i wouldn't put a comma here...) and spontaneous level.

    Please contact me if you would like to see any of my full wedding albums, which better shows (I think I would say which would better show) what I strive to provide for my clientele.

    also, a few things. I would center the entire page instead of having it off to the left. I think it's a bit easier to look at.

    and secondly, I couldn't find mention of where you are located until I clicked on the contact page. I'm assuming this is probably pretty important, maybe important enough to go on the home page? also, how far are you willing to travel to photograph?

    hope that helps and good luck!

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  • cld
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    What's the URL to your website?

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  • 1 decade ago

    Pretty darn good. But could use a space on "webpages"

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