Sony PS3!!?

Is the PS3 a good buy or is it a waste of money. I have a ps2, i like it. I'm not sure if i should buy the PS3 when it come out.

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  • Jorlan
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    1 decade ago
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    I think the Sony PS3 is the true next gen system. They are many within this society who are obsessed with the latest and greatest technology and will pay top dollar for it (remember $10K plasma tv's)... and PS3 will offer them just that.

    $600 sounds like a lot for a gaming system, but neither the PS3 nor the Xbox 360 are mere gaming consoles. They are multifaceted entertainment systems covering digital and non-digital music, hd movies, games, online content, etc.

    I also believe if you compare a similar configuration of components, the PS3 is actually cheaper.

    Xbox 360 Prem (20GB) + Wireless Network Adapter + HD-DVD = $400 + $100 + at least $200 = $700

    PS3 (60GB) =$599. You do the math.

    At the end of the day, the Xbox 360 is not future proof, but the PS3 is. HDMI, 6 USB, Blu-ray, built in Wifi, media card / memory, upconversion of dvd, ps1, ps2, and ps3 games to 1080p, etc.

    Sony will remain the Market Leader.

    BobMay 11, 20067:04 AM PT

  • John J
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    1 decade ago

    I haven't done much research myself on this, but I work in web development with a lot of other gamers who have.

    Basically, as far as I can tell, the PS3 is an overpriced version of the PS2 with Sony's proprietary HD-DVD reader. At release, there will be no worthwhile games to purchase that aren't already available for PC and X-Box 360. If you have $500 or less to spend, buy a Wii and some games. If you have an HD-TV and $800+ to spend get a PS3 and a Wii, or better yet, just get a good HD-DVD player (HD or BluRay, your preference) and a Wii.

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    Waste of Money.

    For $600 you can get way more with a Nintendo Wii.

    Blu-ray is an unproven format that will make games hard to develop, as well as expensive to publish, which means they will cost you more for crappy games. There are only a handful of Blu-ray movies available, and if it loses the format war to HD-DVD, both you and Sony will feel the hurt with an obsolete system.

    Also, Sony is scaling back instead of innovating. For example, the new PS3 controller does not feature rumble anymore...and BTW its the same controller that came with the PSone back in 1995...over 10 years ago, and they still couldn't come up with something new? and then they get rid of rumble?

    Take your $600, buy a Nintendo Wii (only $250). Its far more innovative, and with the money you save, you can spend the rest of the money on 6 or 7 games, or your girlfriend, or on a new outfit, etc.

    The Wii is far more innovative, and judging by the publics response, the more entertaining and popular console. You "wii-ll" be happy with you "wii-se" choice

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