How you you say 'pervert' in Japanese?

a translation for 'pervy' would be good too.

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    There's へんたい [hentai]、ちかん [chikan]、and とうさくしゃ [tousakusha]。

    Those are all nouns. If you want to say a perverse person, then maybe ねいあくな人 [neiaku na hito]。

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    Acoording to this, 'pervert in Japanese would be:

    ☆ chikan

    (n) masher; molester; pervert

    ☆ hentai

    (n,vs) transformation; metamorphosis; abnormality; pervert; (P)

    ☆ tousakusha

    (n) pervert

    Take a look for yourself:

    ~I live in Japan and usually hear the word 'sukebei'.

    ☆ sukebei ( 助け平 : すけべい )

    1. lewdness

    2. lewd person

    3. lecher

    I think that may be easy to understand!

    Hope this helps!

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    There's also "ecchi". Not as strong as hentai. Another would be "ero".

    Japan has a lot of words for perv. O_o

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    yea ,what she said

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