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Why Do ILLEGAL ALIENS Get To Break The LAWS And Why Do We Taxpayer Have To Pay For Them and Their Anchor Babys

$90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on illegal aliens for social services by American taxpayers.

The truth of the matter is every illegal alien has broken American laws when they snuck into the United States without permission! They broke the law!

When illegal aliens stole an American’s identity like their social security cards and driver license to obtain a job. They broke the law!

When illegal aliens bought fraudulent and forged documents to receive American benefits. They broke the law!

The illegal aliens have been known to break some or all of these laws.

1. WELFARE Fraud is a Crime.

2. Not Paying your taxes is a Crime.

3. Working under the table is a Crime.

4. Identity Theft is a FELONY and not a victimless Crime.

5. No car insurance is a Crime.

6. Vagrancy is a Crime.

7. Driving without a Drivers License is a Crime.

8. Using stolen or fraudulent documents to vote is a Crime.

9. Using stolen or fraudulent documents to obtain a job is a Crime.

10. Using stolen or fraudulent documents to buy a house is a Crime.

11. Starting a business with stolen or fraudulent documentation is Crime.

12. Being an absconder is a Crime.

13. Putting your child in danger of the scorching heat of the desert without water or in the back of a semi-truck or in the trunk of a car, is called child endangerment and is a crime!

14. Illegal aliens don’t pay CHILD SUPPORT! Being a Dead Beat Dad is a Crime! If they aren't then why are Americans strapped with Welfare, WIC, Public Housing, Education, Medicaid for their children?

15. Over staying your Visa is a crime.

16. Entering the United States illegally is a crime.

400,000 illegal aliens did not show up for court dates for their immigration hearings. Which made them “Absconders”, that is a Crime! Instead they just thumbed their noses at the American Court System and made a mockery of our laws! That’s a Crime!

If any American tried breaking any of these laws, they would find themselves in prison and have a huge fine to pay. Just using someone else’s social security card is a felony and punishable by 5 years in prison and a fine up to $ 250,000.00!

Illegal aliens are guilty of MASSIVE FRAUD and THEFT!!! It is predicted that they will commit many more acts of fraud getting Amnesty too!

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    It's because big corporations want it that way. Cheap labor. It used to be that big corporations controlled the government to a large degree. Now they are the government.

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    To be quite honest, the moment I read that FAIR had something to do with your question, I stopped reading. FAIR is most certainly a one-sided political group, and they will interpret things to work toward their political views. The Comptroller of Texas did a study and presented its results in 2006. The study looked at the impact of unlawful aliens in Texas on the state economy. To the best of my knowledge, this was the only study of comparable size and scope that was completed by an unbiased organization. The State of Texas simply wanted to know what the truth was, so they went to find out. The results showed that unlawful aliens contributed to the Texas economy more than they took away. For full disclosure, the study did not look at some county costs and local education costs, however those may show the same results as well. Sometimes what causes a state to sink or swim is how they tax. There are different forms of taxes that are more difficult to avoid, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

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    Thank you!

    You give very good points here.

    We can certainly blame the people for entering here illegally, etc, but the main concern it would seem, is our government. Right now, they may be so overwhelmed with this issue, not knowing which way to turn. In which case, take a cookie break, and afterward, just like cleaning up your room when you were a kid, they should begin sorting things, and tossing unwanted things out. It will take time, but will be well worth it in the long run. Mom, in this case - the people of the United States - will be pleased.

    I know this sounds harsh to many, and I am sorry. Were you, as a child, allowed to break your parents rules. Are you allowed to break the laws, so you can do what you want, when you want to.

    Both answers should be no.

    So why should we allow other people to break our laws, and then, pat them on the back by saying, oh honey, it's alright.. here, have a free ride and accept amnesty.

    Or, perhaps our government now merely wishes to play the little kid whose afraid of what might be out there, and hide their head beneath the blanket. After all, if you don't see it, it's not there.

    To our political officials: Please, GROW UP!!! Take responsibility, and do the right thing!

    To the illegals, I am sorry, but you all need to go home now. Fun time is over. Ask permission next time.

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    Yeah you are right. But they come here for a few reasons. One they know the jobs in their country sucks and pay very little. Two they know that if they get a job in the USA they can get more money and be able to feed their families back home. Three they know the USA isn't as strict on immigration as Mexico. And four a lot of them don't have the money to apply and enter the legal way. Until the USA gets more tough regarding the Mexican border and builds a huge fence along the entire border and patrols the border more than what they do now illegal aliens will continue to come into our country and committ crimes. However we also need to blame the people and companies like Walmart who use illegals in sweat shops and on farms. We need to be tougher on them too otherwise this will keep happening.

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    My boyfriend and I were discussing the illegal immigration issuejust yesterday, and we came up with a very simple solution: Stop the welfare for all illegals. It will be very difficult for them to stay here without any free money. We agree, however, that welfare should be made available to all citizens and permanent resident aliens legally in the country. We also believe that licenses should not be issued to illegals as well.

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    I agree. My parents moved here from a Slovakia and Croatia LEGALLY!

    I do not think it is fair that my parents and MANY MANY people from other countries entered this country legally, and for some immigrants to sneak in, and get everything in a day, when it took people like my parents almost 18 years to fully get their American citizenship. They follow the law and have never even gotten so much as a parking ticket, and illegals sneak in and commit crimes that Americans would be fined or put into jail for (or both) and illegals don't get fined or put into jail.

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    I agree with Flip4449 above. His comments and that many Americans are just plain lazy (we want desk jobs in front of computers, or to be the manager, or the assistant manager, or the big shot or the big shot's assistant, or some other clean-fingernails/lazy a_s job..and we want it now!). Get rid of the cheap labor and see how expensive some of your favorite things become. Chef's salads would probably disappear from store shelves!

    We helped to make this bed. It was always a back-burner issue (almost a non-issue) until "911" happened and OUR elected officials began working our heads with fear (many of these so-called "issues" are manufactured) to meet their own gains. The trade-off was the cheaper labor and cheaper products. We're all a little guilty in this folks,..c'mon!

    And it's always fascinating to me how we so often automatically blame and damn others before we will smell ourselves. We are like professional victims.

    Just my little two cents. Of course, I'll expect some to disagree, or even experience defensive anger. Some of our garbage is so deeply ingrained into us as a society that it's as hard to let go of as our own arm.

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    I agree with you but it seems the politicians don't want it to change. They are too afraid of losing votes. It is a very frustrating situation when they know what the legal citizens want but just don't care. I mean, they are supposed to be doing the will of the people.

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    Because the politicians are too busy being "politically correct" (UGH!) to be sensible. Also, many of them have a lot of money, and are distanced from the realities of life that the rest of us have to face. I think we need to take a MUCH harder line on this issue!

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    that why tomorrow the bush regime will get tone down back to reality . bush is all for amnesty for the illegals

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