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Would Kerry really have done better then Bush?

Please support your facts on this. If your give a simple answer without a support then I will ignore it and wont even read it.

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    No, i do not think that Kerry would have done better. People just wanted Kerry to be president because they hate Bush. What those morons don't realize is that Kerry won a purple heart without even doing a single piece of crap in war, and had commiteed many, and many War Crimes that he had admitted back in 1974 or so. He should have gone to prison but did not. And now he wanted to try to work for president?

    Kerry is a fake, and i don't care how much people hate Bush or how much wrong Bush is doing, Kerry would not have done better or helped us what we are going through right now... which would be the War in Iraq, poverty, gas, and other oil type refferences. Their is a reason why 35 out of 50 states voted for Bush instead or Kerry. Kerry once said "I dont think i will run for president next time." And i sure as god hope he doesn't.

    I have been in the marine service for a couple year (Now 19 years old) and i know lots about what president would be better... sort of. I've never been to Iraq but i have gone overseas.

    (No one will believe me so don't even listen to what i just said about me being a marine)

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    DARN good question. I don't know, but I think it was worth a shot. I just don't believe that Bush deserved a second term after the Iraq debacle. Also, you can make things look however you want if you give the numbers from a certain angle. The fact of the matter is that 9/11 really hurt. But what helped us recover from that was the Afghanistan war. The country was united and the world empathized with us. We were determined to to find Bin Laden and destroy Al Qaeda and all terrorism. But we supported the terroristic actions of Israel, became terrorists ourselves by invading Iraq without just cause, and totally forgot about Bin Laden.

    Even still I think it was the $100 Billion we wasted on Iraq in an unwinnable war and Bush's only response is that Democrats don't have a better plan of pulling the troops out than he does. He never admits the war is unwinnable and he never admits it was a mistake to go in there. Also, there is a huge deficit and the country isn't better in any way you look at it since Bush's second term began. The economy is horrible, companies are still having huge layoffs, crime hasn't gotten any better, Katrina response was horrific, and illegals are prevalent in almost every state. Not to mention other things like our welfare system being abused everyday, education aid programs have been cut, and there is less education in our public schools now because of the no child left behind crap. No one gets left behind alone but they bring everyone down with them.

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    People go after Kerry because of a botched joke. Let's look at how much the Republicans support the troops. When it comes to the botched war in Iraq, Republican Majority Leader John Boehner blames the military: "Let's not blame what's happening in Iraq on Rumsfeld... the fact is, the generals on the ground are in charge." And Rumsfeld himself said, "As you know, you have to go to war with the Army you have, not the Army you want," So it looks like rather than being accountable the administration and it's backers blame the troops themselves. This is much more serious than a bad joke that was about Bush and not the troops.

    These people who say that Kerry did not earn his medals, obviously have never served and know nothing about combat or how medals are awarded. By spreading such rubbish they dishonor those of us who did serve and the medals we earned.

    We will never know what Kerry would have done,so you're really asking for speculation not facts. The question is about as pointless as a Startrek episode about a parallel timeline, pure fiction. The fact is, the Bush administration is responsible for thousands of deaths in a botched war, has been unable to capture Bin Laden, has detained thousands of alleged terrorists with one single conviction, to date.

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    I personally don't think so. From his past comments I think that he is anti-military and really doesn't support the troops. I realize that not everyone agrees with the war but, we are not the ones that started it. No matter who was Pres on 9/11 I think that the decision to go to war would have been the same. I don't think that Kerry would have had the backbone to continue fighting the terrorists with all of the criticism that Bush has had.

    I don't see how we can blame the current administration for most of the problems that have occured in the past 5 years. It would have been the same regardless of who was in office.

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    Yes, I believe so. Based on his debates and platforms I think he would have done many things differently. He would have listened to the general's recommendations for Iraq, something Bush has not done. He would have come up with a good plan for social security, not the horrible privatization idea. He would have reformed medicare for the better and lowered costs by allowing Canadian companies to get involved. He would have worked to get a more balanced budget. This is what I can remember from the debates. But there was a lot more he talked about.

    The problem is, most people won't remember any of this, they will just talk about his horrible botched joke. Although is was the wrong thing to say, it shows that people like National Inquirer type news rather then researching any actual issues.

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    Good question.. and I can only answer from the heart. I don't necessarily think Kerry is a better man.. but iI do think because he was a military man, regardless of how the Republicans have painted him.. at least he has known war and has fought. so he understand a little more what is involved. For one, I think Kerry might have done the same as Bush, going into Afghanistan.. but I think Kerry would have stayed there and kept after bin laden until he got him. Bush, for personal reasons went after Sadaam instead... and 3000 dead are all he really has to show for it. He never experienced war or people dying beside you.. Kerry has...Just my opinion,.

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    I don't think he would have.

    He wants to get the troops out of Iraq right away. And if he was President we would not have gotten al-Zarqarwi (or however you spell the guys name). This is because they would not have been troops in the area to get rid of him. Iraq would also be a bigger mess than it is since they would be slower and less training for Iraqi secruity forces. In fact, the training is going so well, that people in Iraq say in 12-18 months they will be able to handle it themselves-without coalition help.

    If Kerry was President, the PATRIOT Act would have have been renewed, meaning, the attacks with airliners over the Atlantic would have happened, as well as the one that was being planned in Florida.

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    I disliked Bush from the get go because I knew he was put in place to fulfill his father's agenda, and because of his and Cheney's huge oil ties. (Think about it, no matter what they said, it was going to lead to war in Iraq. Then, 9-11 made it easier to get public support for their private cause.) So be it.

    But would Kerry have made a good president? I doubt it- but he may have had a very important element every leader needs- the realization that the president is at least obligated to represent the best interests of people.

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    Domestically, Kerry would have done much better. Unlike Bush, Kerry cares for the middle class people. However, in terms of national security, I believe Bush's Party (not necessary Bush himself) are stronger. All facts are all over the net.

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    I don't know how much support you expect for an opinion. One of the biggest problems we have is the fact that we have an ineffective secretary of defense. More and more military people are calling for change. If Kerry had been elected he would have brought in a new team including a new SOD.

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